A Holiday with Friends

TV movie with a month of filming in Tenerife​

This romantic comedy is about two couples, who are friends, and their respective children. They plan to spend an idyllic vacation on Tenerife where they will realize, despite their differences and differing views on life, that friendship and love are the most valuable things they have.


Technical sheet
  • Original title A Holiday with Friends
  • Producer Bavaria Fiction-Degeto-ARD
  • Producer year 2018
  • Production Services Seven Islands Film
  • Country Germany
  • Producer type TV movies
  • Director Sabine Bernardi
  • Photo Shooting Oliver Maximilian Kraus
  • Cast Janek Rieke, Anna König, Philipp Hochmair, Caro Scrimali, Lena Mayr, Arsseni Bultmann, Wanda Moinet, Leonardo Baradel