Airmedia 360

Drone rental and service in the Canary Islands

Airmedia360 is a company specialised in the manufacture and rental of professional drones to film movies, advertising and events. It has more than 20 years of experience in the world of model aeroplanes and radio control. Its experience backs the company, with more than 2,500 national and international productions and over 4,500 hours of flying. Its professionals are experts in providing a vision from the sky that offers added value to any production. Airmedia360 has offices in Madrid and Tenerife, along with delegations in Barcelona, New Jersey (United States) and Versonnex (France).

The company has one of the best fleets of drones in Spain for any audio-visual project: for cinema and television, for localisation, for FPV, for industrial and agricultural uses, for lighting, for city flights and for festivals. It also has auxiliary equipment like Cable Cam.

  • Rental of professional drones.
  • Manufacture of professional drones.
  • Specialists in capturing aerial images for audio-visual productions. Use of industrial drones and process automation (agriculture, aerial surveillance, inspections, land topography and telemetry, etc.).
  • Flights over any location: city, night-time, CTR, ATZ and in adverse meteorological conditions.
  • Processing of permits with the corresponding authorities.
  • Operator authorised by AESA, SAERCO and FERRONATS.
Calle Rector Benito Rodriguez Rios, nº8, -1. 38400 PUERTO DE LA CRUZ