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Forestal Park – Family Fun in Tenerife

The newest family fun atraction in Tenerife is just waiting for you to try it.

Forestal Park, the new theme park in Tenerife for all the family which is quite peculiar, all the activies are in the nature, fully based on fun in the tree tops.

So lets start with Forestal Park Frequently asked questions that might be very useful.


  • Is there any age limit?



  • Children have to be at least 6 years old to join the Family circuit.
  • To try the sports circuit you have to be at least 10 years old.



  • Is there any heigh limit?


Yes. 1 metre 20 centimetres tall is the minimum for the family option  and 1 metre 45 centimetres for the Sports ( safety, as in the previous question , goes first)

We haven’t done any mountain sports before, is it difficult?

Try it, no doubt. The staff will give you safety and introductory tips for each step in the ciruit you’ll complete. They are real experts and will be close to you , always keeping an eye on all your movements. You are in the best hands.

  • How many circuits can you complete at Forestal Park Tenerife?

there are 2 main ones:

  • family
  • sports

How many games are there in each circuit?

  • Family circuit , is divided in 4 modules and there are 34 games to complete ( 2 hours and a half aprox)
  • Sports circuit is divided in 7 modules

How much does it cost?

  • 17€ children
  • 22 € adults

Do I need special clothing?

  • trekking shoes or somethring confortable
  • Long trousers

Where is Forestal Park Tenerife?

Forestal Park GPS coordinates are:

Latitude: 28° 24′ 51.76

Longitude: 16 ° 24′ 19.55

Forestal Park Address:

It is in Las Lagunetas in La Esperanza TF 24- Km 16 check full driving  instructions to Forestal Park  here

For more information check  Tenerife Forestal Park website





Free guided Walking routes at Teide National Park with no difficulty

Let me Tell you something, there are 37 walking routes at Mount Teide National Park  already waiting for you. So, today, put on your hiking boots and let’s go hiking in Tenerife.

Mount Teide National Park walking routes
Mount Teide National Park walking routes


Walking routes in El Teide with different difficulties or lenght, all of them wonderful in a unique environment with lots of breathtaking landscapes.

Even if you are not fond of going hiking, al Mount Teide, you will find the perfect excuse to try. We suggest you two special  routes with no difficulty, and to make it even safer with Mount Teide National Park official guides.

Mount Teide National Park  offers you two guided walking routes that last two hours aprox, with English and Spanish guides with no difficulty a very low heigh difference, so all family welcome, including children, to enjoy our impressive volcanic landscape and learn from the experts about the history and wildlife.

FREE Guided walking routes at EL Teide*


  • Arenas Negras


circular walking route that starts and ends at El Portillo information Office

  • Heigh Difference: 50m aprox
  • Length: 4,2 Km aprox
  • Difficulty: low

You’ll enjoy Arenas Negras Volcanoes and views of LLano las Majas, also panoramics of Teide National Park

  • Roques de Garcia

This walking route takes us arround several volcanic necks:

  • Roque Cinchado
  • El Burro
  • El Torrotito, etc…

You’ll get to Ucanca’s plain.You’ll see lots of diferent volcanic formations and enjoy  typical canarian highlands wildlife

  • Heigh Difference: 40 m aprox
  • Length: 5,6 km aprox
  • Difficulty: low

Note: these routes are not the exact walking routes of Roques de Garcia or Arenas Negras, special itineraries through those routes are done

You need to book these walking routes in advance at Mount Teide National Park Office:

Telephone 00 34 922 922 371

Address Doctor Sixto Perera González nº25 . El Mayorazgo. La Orotava

38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

I highly recommend you to contact them with time in advance to do these routes on the dates you might have in mind as both are very demanded and popular, so  don’t leave it for the very last minute.

You can also ask for other guided walking routes in the National Park, If it’s posible they’ll do it Free of Charge.

Remember to take with you:

  • suitable shoes, trekking or hiking boots are the best
  • sunscreen protection , high one
  • water
  • fruit or dried fruitor nuts
  • cap
  • warm clothes

How to get to Mount Teide National Park?

If you are not hiring a car you can go by bus taking :

  • 348 from Puerto de la Cruz
  • 342 From Las Américas

Please check TITSA website for changes and timetable


*These walking routes may vary, always check with the Park office changes and schedule

Please, take care and respect the environment. We are all responsable of keeping the Park clean and respecting the rules.

Puerto de la Cruz : San Juan magical night and more

Ideal location for active and cultural holidays full of options for all the family, for sportsmen or also for the ones looking for a lively place but not crowded or noisy. Puerto de La Cruz is a great base to make excursions and have fun.

Tenerife - Puerto de La Cruz
Tenerife - Puerto de La Cruz

What can you do in Puerto de la Cruz?


With eco sub team  you can start exploring our underwater kingdom if you have never tried before.Discover the fascinating and silent world  as the one you could find in Simplon Reef


San Juan Festivities

Plenty to do in June from 22nd till 24th, both included

Fruits and flowers decorate fountains in Puerto de la Cruz, those ones used in the past by the population to get water for daily use. Look for the following ones :

  • Chorro cuaco
  • chorro blanco
  • chorro cupido
  • chorro del muelle
  • chorro las maretas
  • chorro mequinez
  • chorro del durazno

The previous night of San Juan Festivity stop by Playa Jardín awarded with blue flag recently, and Punta Brava beach, before the fires  and the music on the beaches at fall there are workshops and activities for children, then , at that magical night  have a refreshing swim or a purifiying one, as superstitious people dressing in white will be doing to get rid of all the bad and welcome positivity.


Where to stay in Puerto de la Cruz?

We suggest Noelia Playa. Aparthotel really close to Playa Jardín, few minutes walk from bus station and with the hottest deal at the moment 19€ per person and 15% discount  if you are planning to come to Tenerife later on.

 Hotel Puerto de La Cruz
Puerto de La Cruz hotel apartments

And at night time Blanco Bar stills being our favourite , small place with huge programme that change all the time, click to check it

Dont Forget bus lines to Puerto de la Cruz are  101, 102 and 103 check changes or timetables at



Tenerife Hotels awarded by TripAdvisor and HolidayCheck users among others

Summer is nearly about to start and holidays are already here.It’s Time to book a hotel in Tenerife…but it could be a nightmare

Costa Adeje Gran
Costa Adeje Gran -Tenerife 5 star hotel

Doubts, comparisions, searches and starting all over again.Finally, other users reviews are an important factor to make the final decision right before clicking on BOOK NOW .

TripAdvisor and HolidayCheck  are obviously popular worldwide, even professionals in the travel industry check these sites due to the massive information they have and because they both provide  credibility to travellers.

Last year about 100 hotels in Tenerife got Tripadvisor certificate of Excellence, this year, many hotelliers share their happiness as their guests’ reviews are sending the certificate again .

We are very proud of congratulating Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque, Costa Adeje Gran, Hotel Fanabe Costa Sur, Hotel Apartments Isabel and Hotel Botanico for being the first ones in getting  the Certificate of Excellence 2012 due to the positive reviews on regular basis the hotels get on TripAdvisor.

GF Hoteles, is particularly happy as they have also received the Zoover Award and HolidayCheck has included their 5 star Tenerife hotel, Costa Adeje Gran, in their Quality Selection

Special mention for Adrian Hotels, as TUI has awarded Jardines de nivaria, Roca Nivaria and Colón Guanahaní with TUI Holly, what means they are in the top 100 hotels for this Tour Operator

Hotel Jardines de Nivaria
Hotel Jardines de Nivaria


As a destination, Tenerife considers important the expectation of travellers are met in the hotels they book to spend holidays and it’s good news to see how hotelliers  are aware of their customers reviews in online reputation sites and social networks to improve on daily basis

Now, you have more reasons to choose Tenerife for your holidays, not because I say so, it’s because they recommend us.

A Short break in Puerto de La Cruz

Treat yourself and enjoy a short break in  Puerto de la Cruz in May. I’m sure you won’t regret the decision, as it’s not only a charming area in the North of Tenerife, there’s a lot going on during May.

Planning a Short break in Puerto de La Cruz: booking a hotel

The first thing people usually do when planning a short break  in Puerto de la Cruz is looking for acommodation. There’s a wide range of options available, from a top 5 star hotel , as Hotel Botánico with:


Hotel Botanico
Puerto de La Cruz Hotel hotanico
  • incredible gardens,
  • an intimate Spa to get rid of any stress, real experts in wellbeing with Thai massage experts and fabulous beauty treatments
  • classical decoration in their rooms and suits.
  • Four restaurants : Oriental, Italian, Mediterranean and Spanish gastronomy at La Parrilla

Luxury experience with no doubt.

For those on a budget 19€ per person is quite a hot deal, a well located  Puerto de La Cruz Hotel, Hotel Apartments Noelia Playa with:

  • self catering facilities available
  • fabulous views to El Teide from top roof pool and many rooms,
  • walking distance from bus station, Playa Jardín and city center
Puerto de La Cruz hotel
Puerto de La Cruz hotel apartments

Absolute good value for money.

Short break in Puerto de la Cruz: what to do in May

May is one of the best months to come to Tenerife, warm weather, not too hot, and lots to do:

Puerto de la Cruz  Mueca 2012:

From 11  – 13 in May This Street Art Festival will offer us performances, concerts, exhibitions, theatre in lots of public places and locals all over Puerto de La Cruz. An amazing cultural experience with artists form Mexico, France, Cuba, etc.. in a three days Festival full of creativity .

Blanco Bar: every Night a surprise

Nightlife has changed in Puerto de La Cruz since Blanco Bar opened. Monthly programmes including commedy, magic shows, gastronomy, rock, djs, they usually do great bands tributes as Dire Straits , exhibitions aaaand great cocktails at areally afordable prices. Friendly bar where you’ll feel at home.

Other Places you would also like:

Botanical Gardens: for a ridiculous price, mainly symbolic, more than 39 plants and trees , water plants as water lilies, or exotic ones Madagascar Dragon tree or Ginko Biloba at a green small place.

Loro Park : spend the hole day between dolphins, sharks, white tigers, orchids, whales and more. No matter if you are a child or an adult, you’ll enjoy for sure

Lago Martianez: sea water pools by the sea side designed by César Manrique.


To keep updated about what is going on in Puerto de la Cruz check our agenda of events in Tenerife.

See you soon !


Concerts in Tenerife: polemic discount price and rumours

Since the very Beginning Rock Coast Festival has been one of the most polemic topics in Tenerife.

Will it be done? What bands are coming? Are they serious? How would they get the money for such festival?

Like it or not, Rock Coast Festival 2012 is in the final count down and LM producciones have been doing a massive effort to promote it all over Europe.

They have been criticised because of lack of information, irregular updates, etc…Now, that we all know all the bands that are performing live in Tenerife they have launched a limited time offer to get two vouchers for the 3 days festival paying just one . Get more info about this discount in Tickets at Rock Coast Festival 2012 in Tenerife.

What’s wrong with this promo? you may wonder . Nothing wrong for those who haven’t purchased the 3 days voucher, as I said before 2 people enjoy for the price of one voucher, it’s even cheaper than 2 people going just one day, but the polemic  was originated  by the ones that had already bought 3 days voucher and do not live in the island, they’ll get extra vouchers, that’s what the organicers say, but that compensation does not satisfy them.

Rock Coast Festival 2012
Discount price at Rock Coast Festival


And the latest rumor was literally caught in Facebook and Twitter.

David Bisbal concert in Tenerife. One of the most popular latino singer, David Bisbal, said he’ll be in Tenerife in September, many people demanded an official confirmation , but the fact is that he assures concerts in Tenerife and Canaria in September only via social networks  , in his official website those concerts , part of his acoustic Tour “David Bisbal Acústico” are not yet listed….to be Continued



Costa Adeje Gran Hotel – Creative cuisine

Costa Adeje Gran Hotel 
Costa Adeje Gran Hotel


Tenerife is not a gastro destination as may be Asturias and the Basque Country, and yet we have products of exceptional quality and some chefs able to turn them into art.

The Restaurant, La Laja, at Costa Adeje Gran Hotel,  is one of those    establishments that is surprising, because of the environment, for a more than a balanced value for money that puts a luxury kitchen available to all.

Original and exotic dishes: octopus Lasagna, cherne tempura with pork, caramelized banana ice cream ….. the pleasure begins deciding between the various proposals full of originality,to seduce the most demanding guests.

Elegant, not too many tables and a professional team whose attention is remarkable, La Laja, creative Canarian cuisine with signature chef Pablol Aznar.

Today we see the Canarian cooking that is done in Costa Adeje through a very delicious dish which ingredients and recipe you will find by clicking on the link below

Goat’s cheese lasagna with palm tree honey and coriander powder




  • goat cheese
  • palm tree honey syrup
  • water
  • agar – agar
  • maltosec

Costa Adeje Gran Hotel

Restaurante La Laja

Avd. Bruselas, 16 ( junto al Costa Adeje Gran Hotel)

38660 Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Telephone: 922 719 421


Opening: 19.00 – 22.30h

Closed: Wednesday and Thursday



Diving in Tenerife – La Rapadura

Diving in Tenerife  – La Rapadura

I was shocked when I saw the picture . Can’t even describe what is in the shot. But I can assure you that diving in Tenerife in La Rapadura, Santa Úrsula has to be one of those once in a life time experiences.

I don’t dive, even when I adore sports, I’ve been always afraid of diving but I can’t explain why. right after the  impresive photograh by Francis Pérez, double page, featured at National Geographic , with that small yellow point, Delioma González, by that giant group of rocks under the water, I just changed my mind.

I’m still afraid but I want madly to see what she saw, so I’m trying as soon as I can.

I posted the picture in our  facebook  fan page and everybody loved it. that was the best thing I’ve recently done, as because of sharing, I virtually met Juan Raya Rodríguez who was with Francis and Delioma  diving at La Rapadura making one of the most wonderful underwater videos I’ve ever seen .

So, please,  watch it and enjoy the marine kingdom we have in Tenerife

Hotel Jardines de Nivaria – mushrooms recipe

Carpaccio of morel mushroom with tomato and fennel flavour, served with a mustard sorbet

This is the more than delicious recipe that Hotel Jardines de Nivaria offer us today, as part of a very special menu, mushrooms menu for a price of 40€ per person

La Cupula Restaurant at Hotel Jardines de Nivaria
La Cupula Restaurant at Hotel Jardines de Nivaria

Ingredients (for 6 people):

• Morel Mushroom 240g

• Fennel 33g

• Mustard seeds 35g

• Tomatoes 50g

• Sugar 15g

• Cream 30g

• Glucose 19ml

• Inverted sugar 12ml

• Sage flower 6g

• Basil leaves •

Ice plant 40g

• Lemon 4g

• Olive oil 10ml

• Tender garlic

• Violet


1. Clean the morel mushrooms with a brush to remove all the impurities.

2. Make the ice cream in the Paco Jet with the mustard, glucose and inverted sugar

3. Now, we cook the morel mushroom in oil with the tender garlic for 30 minutes at 68º.

4. Poach the tomatoes and cut them in perfect squares, add the cutted fennel and mix everything with olive oil.

Mushrooms recipe
Wonderful mushrooms dish at La Cúpula Restaurant


Put the morel mushrooms one after the other on the plate creating a circle and then we add all the rest of ingredients: the mustard sorbet with the herbs (ice plant, sage flower and violas), the tomatoes, a bit of salt and ready.

But if you prefer trying this fascinating dish Just get to La Cúpula:

Hotel Jardines de Nivaria

Restaurant La Cúpula

C/París s/n 38660 Costa Adeje

Opening: 19.00 – 23.00h ( closes on Sundays)

Reservations: 922 713333


Follow them in facebook or twitter @adrianhoteles


Enjoy your meal!