May – month of Romerías (pilgrimages) in Tenerife

Cheerful people to the sound of music, carts and stalls full of traditional food, colourful hand-woven dresses… No doubt, this is a Romería!

Pilgrimages, festivals and traditions

The pilgrimages, in Spanish Romería, of our island are the most traditional expression of joy, celebration and culture. Throughout Tenerife there are alternate celebrations, many of them have been held for decades. Each municipality has its own party, where homage is usually paid to the saint or local patron. This is accompanied by thousands of faithful to the rhythm of chácaras and timples, the traditional instruments of Canarian folklore.

The locals are proud to show their dances, ceremonies and different acts and everyone is invited. Everyone can join in, become part of the pilgrimages, experience the culture and history up close and taste the local cuisine on the Romería.

An opportunity to discover the gastronomy of Tenerife

If you are one of those who like to travel with all your senses, the flavours of Tenerife will not disappoint you. You may have heard of mojo, a traditional mild or spicy sauce that accompanies another great dish of our cuisine: the wrinkled potato. It is also possible that you have heard of gofio or our delicious goat cheeses and honey, essential for pilgrimages.

In any case, it is certain that your palate will love our Romerías. Ox carts, decorated with products and motifs of each place, are filled with delicacies and local wine. When preparing and serving the meat, fish and other dishes people sing joyfully. Well, it’s almost impossible to leave a pilgrimage with an empty stomach!

May, a month full of pilgrimages in Tenerife

May and August are usually the months with the most Romerías in Tenerife; especially in the month of May take place a lot of events. Practically there are Romerías throughout the island, with municipalities in the north and south celebrating pilgrimages in honour of various saints, the most common being the festivities in honour of San Isidro and Santa María de la Cabeza.

The House of the Balconies, the Casa de los Balcones, has prepared a calendar (in Spanish in this case) with all the celebrations so that you can plan ahead and immerse yourself in our culture on your arrival to Tenerife.

Baile de Mago, a traditional dance festival in Tenerife

Along with the pilgrimages are usually also celebrated the “Bailes de Magos”, another popular celebration. This festival is also characterised by local gastronomy and Canarian music. The name “mago” refers to the peasants, as they used to be called „magicians“. The farmers came together and formed traditional folklore groups, as they still exist today.

Hundreds of people put on their costumes to dance and celebrate, one of the highlights of the municipal celebrations. If you want to get to know our culture and merge with the locals, the month of May is perfect, but don’t worry, folk festivals take place throughout the whole year.

Mueca 2018 – art conquers the streets of Puerto de la Cruz

People rush through the streets. What’s happening? You hear laughter, applause, and amazements of fascination… Ah, an event! But not just any… Puerto de la Cruz celebrates the International Street Art Festival Mueca!

International Street Art Festival Mueca 2018

From May 10th to 13th, up to 60 artists will be performing in Puerto de la Cruz to transform the historic coastal city in the north of Tenerife into a large stage. Music, comedy, theatre, circus and many other disciplines await you throughout the city. You may have some questions now. How do I get to Mueca? Where are all the stages? And the programme? Let’s explain you everything!

What is Mueca… Mueca is you!

Mueca means grimace in English and is much more than an international event. Mueca is a movement and initiative of the entire city that is looking forward to welcoming all the international artists.

From jugglers, acrobats, comedians to avant-garde musicians, a great time awaits you! Also for families with children many shows and innovative events are offered. Mueca is for everybody!

Where is Mueca?

As mentioned before, the Mueca Festival will take place as every year in Puerto de la Cruz, in the beautiful coastal town in the north of Tenerife. The historic centre merges with modern projects such as Puerto Street Art, which transforms the city into a large open-air museum.

How to get to Puerto de la Cruz and Mueca?

You have several opportunities to get to the Festival Mueca:

By public transport: The buses (guaguas) of Titsa are ideal if you don’t stay in Puerto de la Cruz and do not want to drive a car. You can check their website to look for the appropriate lines to get to Puerto de la Cruz without complications.

By Taxi: Servitaxi can take you directly from your hotel or your accommodation to the city centre. It’s the most comfortable way, as you’ll be picked up right from where you are.

By car: Parking in the city centre won’t be easy. Therefore, it is advisable to search for a parking space nearby, then going to the centre on foot or by taxi. We recommend these three (for free): Centro Salud, Los Cachazos and La Paz. You can also park in a parking garage (fee). In that case we recommend you Centro Comercial Martiánez and Plaza de Europa.

As Mueca is also an eco-friendly festival, we recommend you to share a vehicle with your friends and acquaintances.

The stages and places to go at Mueca?

In the programme you can see at a glance where the main Mueca stages (El Peñón, Plaza Europa, Muelle and Nicko) and performances will be. There are also themed streets. We’ll explain you what this is all about:

Calle de la Palabra, the street of the word (Calle La Hoya): The storytellers are the main protagonists in this street.

Calle del Ingenio, the street of wit (Calle San Juan): Here the whole family will have a lot of fun; performances of clowns, magicians and music parades will take place.

Calle de la Música, the street of music (Paseo de San Telmo and Punta del Viento): Two stages, in San Telmo and Punta del Viento, will offer you the best of live music: ska, rock, pop, classical…

Calle del Movimiento, the street of movement (Calle Quintana and Plaza de la Iglesia): Movement and dance lovers will be particularly pleased here and enjoy unique contemporary dance acts.

Calle Creativa, the street of creativity (Calle Mequinez): Drawing, graffiti, music and of course different art exhibitions will enchant Calle Mequinez, one of the historical places of Puerto de la Cruz.

MásMueca, the city revolves around the festival

Mueca fever is on everyone’s mind and so additional activities will be organised by many of the city’s restaurants and bars. Salsa workshops, theatre, concerts of all kinds… When the night falls, Mueca becomes MásMueca! In addition, these bars, restaurants and shops offer special discounts throughout the festival. Support them! They play an important role in the realisation of Mueca.

The accomplices of Mueca

The Mueca Festival would not be possible without the help of the many sponsors and partners. From organisers to collaborators and producers, everyone’s effort makes it possible to continue bringing the best shows to this unique location.

Accommodation during Mueca, where can I stay?

If you prefer to stay in Puerto de la Cruz, no problem. Enjoy different discounts on travel and accommodation.

And if you have any questions about your stay, how to get around or what to visit, the tourist information offices will be happy to help you.

Last but not least, we wish you a lot of fun! See you in Puerto de la Cruz!