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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and ‘Blanco en blanco’, two very different films just shot in Tenerife

From the end of September to the beginning of October, a Hollywood production, through Sur Film, and the most delicate signature cinema have come together on the Island

'Blanco en blanco' shooting  in Tenerife, Canary Islands
‘Blanco en blanco’ shooting in Tenerife, Canary Islands


Sur Film has been the Tenerife service production company responsible for bringing the shooting of Wonder Woman 1984 to Spain. The shooting period made in Spain has been completed in different areas of Isla Baja and Anaga in Tenerife during the last week of September and the first week of October. Once again, the movie stars Gal Gadot, and will be directed by Patty Jenkins, the first woman to direct a major blockbuster. The main cast includes Kristen Wiig, who will play the film’s main villain, Cheetah; and Chris Pine, playing his role again as Steve Trevor.

Meanwhile, the producer El Viaje Films, also from Tenerife, has co-produced the feature film Blanco en blanco by director Theo Court. This Chilean-Spanish production, with international awards for development, tells a story in Tierra del Fuego. For ten days, magnificent locations in Tenerife such as Teno Alto and the Teide National Park have served as a stage, recreating the desolate landscapes of the Chilean Patagonia. It has also been shot in Garachico due to its iconic colonial architecture.

Blanco en blanco is set in Tierra del Fuego in the prelude of the twentieth century, when the marriage of an omnipotent landowner is about to take place, who has violently snatched his land from the natives. A photographer arrives here, at the furthest corner of the earth, to immortalize the ceremony. The bride to be, a girl who is traveling with him, becomes his obsession. An obsession that leads him to seal a pact where in exchange for betraying power, he can enjoy the innocent beauty of the girl.  After losing his privileges for his betrayal, his relationship with the world of images goes beyond eroticism, delving deeper and deeper into a society that coexists with the genocide of the Ona people, becoming an accomplice through his pictures.

Over the following months we will see Tenerife on the big screen in two cinematographic productions as different as they are suggestive.

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Film shooting in Tenerife brought over 9.6 million Euros in 2017

The Island welcomed 104 film productions last year, including 10 feature films

'Tiempos de guerra' shooting
‘Tiempos de guerra’ shooting


Tenerife was host to a total 104 national and international film productions, which brought more than 9.6 million Euros to the Island. These figures evidence the strength of Tenerife as a film location, thanks to its superb natural features, a powerful local film industry and very competitive tax incentives.

Special mention deserves the growth of the animation industry last year, which saw three new companies setting up business on the Island, which created over one hundred jobs. One more company is scheduled to establish in Tenerife, where they will hire a good number of local professionals within the next few months.

This situation is not the result of chance, as Cabildo de Tenerife has been committed to the film and animation sectors for years, as this sector has the potential to create qualified jobs on the Island, a line of work that falls within the Tenerife 2030 strategy, fostered by the Cabildo. The Island has managed to build a powerful ecosystem with a good combination of taxes, talent and quality of life plus the institutional support to the film industry.

According to the statistics of Tenerife Film Commission (TFC), the Turismo de Tenerife department in charge of promoting the Island as a film, commercials and photoshoots location, in 2017 the number of photoshoots totalled 40. Commercials amounted to 23; there were 18 TV programmes; and a total of 10 feature films were shot. There were also three short films, three documentaries, two music videos and four TV series. All in all, TFC answered 250 requests last year, while the total number of shooting days amounted to 635.

Expenditure on the Island ranges from 2,000 and 15,000 Euros per day for photoshoots for catalogues and advertising respectively, and 50,000 Euros per day can be spent in a TV commercial production. As for feature films, spend ranges from 20,000 to 35,000 Euros in European productions and can reach up to 350,000 in North American super productions. The 9.6 million Euros spent on the Island by film productions in 2017 are good for the tourism and film sectors, as this amount was spent in hiring equipment, crew, local talent, transport, accommodation, and maintenance, among others.

As for feature films, the Island welcomed the shootings of ‘El cuaderno de Sara’; ‘Sol a cántaros’, ‘Happy people’, ‘Apocalipsis Vodoo’, ‘Operación Concha’, ‘Yucatán’, ‘Platon’ and ‘Girls with balls’, in addition to the animation films ‘Tadeo Jones 2: Las aventuras del Rey Midas’ and ‘Las máquinas de vapor de Oz’. The series shot in 2017 include ‘Pro and Cons’, ‘Tiempos de guerra’, ‘Kill Skills’ and the second season of the animation series ‘Cleo’.



Last year the Cabildo fostered a training programme for the film sector with the collaboration of the Clúster Audiovisual and the Government of the Canary Islands, along with the support of Fundación MAPFRE Guanarteme, which trained a total of 87 students.

Some of the activities carried out include an executive production workshop; head of locations for film and advertising; light & grip technical workshop; film production in English; plus a session on administrative advice for the commercial production sector.  There was also a course on ‘Voice and dubbing’ by the Escuela de Actores and the company T-Lab which was attended by 22 people.

In addition to this and thanks to the funding of Fundación MAPFRE, more than 80 students were trained in different skills demanded by the animation companies that have set up on the Island.

New shootings

Tenerife will host the shooting of the film ‘La viajante’ in April, produced by Canaries company Digital 104. In May the feature film ‘Blanco en blanco’, by ‘El Viaje Films’ will start shooting. A few days ago, the production of the film for television ‘Vacaciones con amigos’ was finished. It brought 750,000 Euros to the Island. It will be premiered at prime time on the German TV channel ARD (which has the largest audience in the country).

On the other hand, work goes on for the second season of the animation series ‘Emmy & Gooroo’, a production service provided by Tenerife production company Tomavisión.

Last year Tenerife Film Commission agreed the sponsorship to hold the first Quirino Awards of Latin American Animation on the Island. The event will take place from 5 to 7 April in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tenerife Film Commission

Tenerife Film Commission offers production companies all the advice they may need on locations, permits and the services they may require while shooting on the Island. TFC has a total of 47-member companies, which means a 27 per cent increase and the creation of new categories like animation, drones, transport and logistics.

The wide range of areas suitable as film locations, including volcanic, subtropical, urban, coastal and marine landscapes within a very short distance, means the Island can double for many different places in the world in just a few kilometres. Technology and the network of local production companies, the tax advantages and incentives for productions and an privileged climate that allows shooting exteriors year-round, make up the attractions of Tenerife as an ideal film location.


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Balance of the fifth Bourne chapter shoot

Tenerife was the location, from 7 to 26 September, of the fifth chapter of Bourne, a Hollywood super-production starring Matt Damon and directed by Paul Greengrass, which brought considerable economic activity to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

© Jasin Boland | Universal Pictures
First day shooting . © Jasin Boland | Universal Pictures

It was possible to shoot the film thanks to the work done by the Cabildo, through Tenerife Film Commission, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Town Council and local production company Sur-Film Production & Services. The filming took place mainly in Santa Cruz, in the neighbourhoods of Valleseco, Cabo Llanos, Salamanca, La Salud and Taco, as well as in the Plaza de España area and Avenida 3 de Mayo. Some scenes were shot in Bebederos (Arona) and at the Tenerife Norte-Los Rodeos Airport.

According to the information the Cabildo has, around 350 people were directly hired for the production while they recruited some 600 extras for the shoot. In addition, around 600 local companies were hired or took part in the film while some 1,200 contracts were signed with private individuals and businesses during the production. The final economic study is currently being produced and will be available in a few months.

Regarding hotel night stays, according to the information provided by Ashotel, there were more than 14,000 in different hotels in Santa Cruz, some of which sold all their available rooms for a few days in September. The hotels in La Laguna also benefitted from the shoot, having a high rate of occupancy. Income for accommodation and breakfast reached one million Euros. To this we must add the extra services hired by the visitors, of medium-high purchasing power, in different establishments.

Apart from the income earned during the shoot, it must be pointed out that during pre-production the crew worked in Santa Cruz and visited restaurants and shops. The public who came to see the shoot increased the sales of restaurants and cafeterias in the area around the film location. These establishments made 20 per cent more than on an average day, according to the information provided by the Canaries Urban Areas Federation.

As for the impact abroad, a wide range of media, both national and international specialised publications as well as general interest press, mentioned the shooting of the Bourne fifth chapter in Tenerife. The media which gave information about it include Der Spiegel, Daily Mail, Hollywood Reporter, The Knowledge, The Location Guide or Variety. In addition, the image of Matt Damon with CD Tenerife T-shirt, had over 22,000 comments on Twitter in 24 hours and 4,500 interactions, spreading the name of the Island internationally.

Tenerife Film Commission

Since it was established in 2000, Tenerife Film Commission (TFC) has helped over a thousand films (including feature and short films), photo shoots, music videos, series, programmes, and commercials. The balance is more than positive: 54 million Euros have been brought to the Island. 36 feature films have been shot in this period including Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans (2010-2011, USA) or Fast and Furious 6 (2012, USA).

Last year Tenerife hosted a total of 68 national and international film productions which brought eight million Euros to the Island.

2015: a new scene

The new Canaries Fiscal Regime (REF), which came into force in January this year, renews the tax advantages for film productions shot in the Archipelago which means an increase of 20 per cent over the rate applicable in the rest of Spain, thus supporting the benefits of shooting on the Island.

So the deduction for national film productions shooting in the Canaries can reach up to 40 per cent of the total amount up to 5.4 million Euros, while foreign productions can have a 35 % deduction, capped at 4.5 million Euros.

In 2015 some productions have already made the most of the scenery and advantages offered by Tenerife. Project Lazarus, by Canaries director Mateo Gil, including actress Oona Chaplin (Charles Chaplin’s granddaughter), or the series Doctor Who for the BBC are just two of them.

Attending festivals and trade fairs is another activity of Tenerife Film Commission. This year, TFC has been to the Berlinale—to inform about the incentives at international level—, the Marché du Film, part of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, and Cannes Lions, focused on advertising. Tenerife Film Commission will also attend the American Film Market and Focus, The Production Location Event.

Newcomers to the American Film Market

Please write to arrange a meeting if you want to learn more about our 35% tax incentive for foreign productions shot in the Canaries


Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, confirms its position as an attractive film location. In September, part of Universal Pictures’ fifth chapter of the Bourne franchise was shot on the Island in addition to other national films.

Tenerife Film Commission will be at the American Film Market to explain the opportunities and advantages the Island has to offer to American companies working on medium-budget projects.  The wide range of locations, 23ºC average temperature, competitive tax incentives (35% direct deduction) – for films spending at least one million Euros on the Island – and our experience in welcoming shoots are some of the issues we’ll tell you about.

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