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Tenerife hosts the Michelin Guide Gala 2018 and adds its sixth Star

The gastronomy of Tenerife reached with the Michelin Gala the culinary heaven. The ceremony was attended by 500 guests. For the first time it took place in Tenerife, the island of “eternal spring“.

The Spanish star chef Berasategui was the honoured host of the gala dinner, along with Ricardo Sanz from the Kabuki restaurant. In addition, his head chef of the restaurant M.B., Erlantz Gorostiza, was the coordinator of the culinary party that followed the event.

The International Director, Michael Ellis, emphasized in his speech during the Gala in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Abama in Guia de Isora that the distribution of the Michelin stars in the current Guide shows once again that Spanish and Portuguese cuisine continue to live great moments and that the national cuisine of both countries continue to grow, “and for tourists the Guide Michelin serves as an important speaker”. The event, held for the ninth time in a row, has become one of the most important events in the catering industry.

At the Gala in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Abama in Guia de Isora, International Director Michael Ellis emphasized in his speech that the distribution of the Michelin stars in the current issue shows once again that Spanish and Portuguese cuisine continue to enjoy great moments and that the national cuisine of both countries continues to grow, “and for tourists the Guide Michelin serves as an important speaker”. The event, held for the ninth time in a row, has become one of the most important events in the gastronomy industry.

Tenerife is the only island in the Canary Islands that has restaurants with Michelin stars.

During this edition, the Nub restaurant in La Laguna was awarded with a Michelin star. Nub spoils us with an interesting mix of Italian, Chilean and traditional Canarian cuisine. This new star shines together with the other five stars in Tenerife.

The following restaurants are currently in possession of the coveted stars: two has the M.B. Restaurant (Martín Berasategui) in the Hotel The Ritz Carlton Abama in Guia de Isora, one star has the Kabuki (also in the Ritz Carlton Hotel Abama), the Kazan in Santa Cruz also a star, as well as Rincón de Juan Carlos in Los Gigantes (in the municipality of Santiago del Teide) and now the restaurant Nub in La Laguna.

A table full of stars is waiting for you in Tenerife.

Five Michelin stars sparkle in Tenerife cusine

The island’s gastronomy is one of its big attractions for tourists


The 2016 edition of the prestigious Michelin Guide has once more acknowledged the extraordinary quality of Tenerife cuisine, by giving five stars to restaurants on the island. The latest in joining the list is El Rincón de Juan Carlos, which has just achieved its first star. It is joined by the restaurants M.B. and Kabuki, both at the Abama Resort & Spa in Guía de Isora (which retain the stars they already had, two and one respectively), and Kazán in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (which also keeps the star it obtained last year).

Tenerife is the only Canary Island with Michelin stars thanks to its gastronomy, which has been able to combine traditional dishes with other more innovative ones to create a culinary option that —through hundreds of restaurants spread all over the island— now holds its own as a tourist attraction.

Original and diverse cuisine


Tenerife gastronomy is made from products that stand out for their freshness, one of its greatest identifying features. The fish and the meat and, of course, all of the garden produce make delicious dishes featuring stars such as potatoes, bananas and honey.

Tenerife wines deserve a special mention. The volcanic origins of the island have favoured original and diverse wines, at times produced in unlikely conditions due to weather or orography. These particularities can be appreciated in the five certified designations of origin in Tenerife: Abona, Tacoronte-Acentejo, Ycoden-Daute-Isora, Valle de Güímar and Valle de La Orotava.

Saborea Tenerife product club

Part of the explanation of the progress experienced by Tenerife cuisine over recent years is the Saborea Tenerife product club. It integrates the growers, the markets, the chefs, the winemakers and everyone who has anything to do with the island’s gastronomy.

The pooling of professional sectors and public initiatives makes up a club where diverse activities coincide, such as gastronomy with alternative leisure activities, active tourism, nature tourism, cultural tourism, wine tourism, accommodation, local production, specialist means of communication and many of the current varieties of tourist experience that mark the difference and singularity of top holiday destinations.

For more information on Tenerife’s restaurants and wineries:


Hotel Jardines de Nivaria – mushrooms recipe

Carpaccio of morel mushroom with tomato and fennel flavour, served with a mustard sorbet

This is the more than delicious recipe that Hotel Jardines de Nivaria offer us today, as part of a very special menu, mushrooms menu for a price of 40€ per person

La Cupula Restaurant at Hotel Jardines de Nivaria
La Cupula Restaurant at Hotel Jardines de Nivaria

Ingredients (for 6 people):

• Morel Mushroom 240g

• Fennel 33g

• Mustard seeds 35g

• Tomatoes 50g

• Sugar 15g

• Cream 30g

• Glucose 19ml

• Inverted sugar 12ml

• Sage flower 6g

• Basil leaves •

Ice plant 40g

• Lemon 4g

• Olive oil 10ml

• Tender garlic

• Violet


1. Clean the morel mushrooms with a brush to remove all the impurities.

2. Make the ice cream in the Paco Jet with the mustard, glucose and inverted sugar

3. Now, we cook the morel mushroom in oil with the tender garlic for 30 minutes at 68º.

4. Poach the tomatoes and cut them in perfect squares, add the cutted fennel and mix everything with olive oil.

Mushrooms recipe
Wonderful mushrooms dish at La Cúpula Restaurant


Put the morel mushrooms one after the other on the plate creating a circle and then we add all the rest of ingredients: the mustard sorbet with the herbs (ice plant, sage flower and violas), the tomatoes, a bit of salt and ready.

But if you prefer trying this fascinating dish Just get to La Cúpula:

Hotel Jardines de Nivaria

Restaurant La Cúpula

C/París s/n 38660 Costa Adeje

Opening: 19.00 – 23.00h ( closes on Sundays)

Reservations: 922 713333


Follow them in facebook or twitter @adrianhoteles


Enjoy your meal!

Spanish recipe:black potato gnocchi with ricotta and shiitake mushrooms

From Hotel Jardín Topical in Costa Adeje, Tenerife we have received a fantastic Spanish recipe that shows the creative cuisine we have in its menu at El Patio Restaurant

Black potato gnocchi with ricotta and shiitake mushrooms

Ingredients ( gnocchi)

  • 450 grs black potato ( it’s a very small potato from Tenerife)
  • 250 grs. Ricotta cheese
  • 60 grs. Egg yolk
  • 10 grs Albumin
  • 20 grs flour
  • salt, olive oil and pepper

Spanish recipe preparation: 

Once e have boiled and cooled the potatoes, grind in the Termomix at full speed with the ingredients to get a fine and compact dough. Add salt and pepper.

Leave the dough for two hours till it’s cold and hard.

With two spoons we’ll make quenelle of a relative big size as we’ll serve 6 gnocchi in each dish. We’ll cook the gnocchi in pleny of salted water taking special care not to let the water boil, otherwise  pieces will break. We’ll cook til the dough is consistent enough to take them out of the water without breaking

Tenerife Restautant  El Patio - Costa Adeje
Tenerife Restautant El Patio - Costa Adeje

Shiitake sauce: 

We have to hydrate the dry shiitake in hot water and then cut them in 8 pieces as if it was pizza lol.

In a pan put the shiitake with demi glace and cook til it’s reduced to a half . Add salt and pepper.


The dish: 

  • Grated parmesan
  • Finely choped bacon in trips
  • clarified butter
  • Fresh chives in thin slices
  • arugula leaves

We spread some parmesan over the pasta and grill it till it’s  golden.

We’ll put 6 units in each dish and pour sauce