Bewateragency continues on the front line of film shoots, providing both actors and extras

Balko Teneriffa 2
Balko Teneriffa 2

The series Balko Teneriffa 2 and Las noches de Tefía both resorted to the services of Bewateragency – a talent agency in Tenerife. Through special castings, providing extras, actors and actresses, Bewateragency continued its work on important projects filmed in Tenerife, demonstrating its versatility and adaptation to each request and client.

Noteworthy among the latest productions is the series Balko Teneriffa II by UFA Fiction, which will premiere on the German channel RTL. During the six weeks of hard and professional work for this production, Bewateragency provided 230 people – 12 actors and 218 extras.

Meanwhile, for the Spanish series Las noches de Tefía by Buendía Estudios, the agency provided two actresses from the Canary Islands from the wide range of potential actors and actresses, specifically Clara Kern in the role of Hanna and Ronja C. Haase, who played the part of Álex.  


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