Tasca El Callejon Meatballs with goat cheese sauce tapa

Until the end of July 2013 there is a great Tapas route  going on in Santa Cruz de Tenerife called Soho Tapas Route.

Tasca El Callejón is taking part in this gastro challenge with a great tapa and I also got the full recipe by Chef Sebastián Morales, “Chano”, so let’s get all the ingredients to make it at home.

Meatballs & cheese sauce - Tasca El Callejón

Meatballs with goat cheese recipe

  • Meatballs Ingredients:

    • Yearly calf minced meat – 1 kg
    • onion – 1
    • garlic – 2 tsp
    • cumin powder- 2tsp ( depending on your taste)
    • mustard – like the one you use for hot-dogs
    • black pepper powder
    • eggs – 2
    • salt
    • breadcrumbs
  • Goat cheese sauce ingredients:

    • cream – 1/2 l
    • grated mature goat cheese – 1/2 l
    • Black pepper in powder
    • salt
    • oregano – 200gr.
  • Meatballs preparation:

    • In a pan with olive oil we stirfry the onion, garlic and other spices, once done we mix it with the minced meat and we wait till it’s cold enough.
    • Add 2 eggs and the mustard, then mix it with your hands.
    • Make the meatballs and roll them with breadcrumbs and fry.
  • Goat Cheese sauce preparation:

    • Boil the cream and reserve.
    • Add the cheese and spices.
    • Mix well.

You can present the dish as  in the picture .  Have a cool Tinto de Verano with it. But if you order this tapa you can also have a glass of beer of house wine during the SOHO tapas route for as little as 2,5o€

Good apetite

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