Advantages of a business centre in the Canary Islands

Having your registered office at a Business Centre gives you access to a wide range of economic and tax advantages


As an outermost region, the Canary Islands enjoy unmatchable conditions to offer incentives to the film industry.  Thanks to their geographic situation and features, the Canaries offer a wide range of natural areas besides our environmental conditions.

In addition, tax deductions to produce films are above those available in mainland Spain, as the Islands offer 20 percent more. However, the Canaries Tax Regime allows film production companies and / or Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) located on the Islands to have access to the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC).

Film activities authorized at ZEC

  1. Photography and Advertising
  2. Production Services and Post-production
  3. Production

Do not miss the opportunity to domicile your company or SPV at a business centre in the Canaries. You will enjoy a spacious work area including telephone answering service, wifi, handling of documents, post office notifications, etc. all at a very competitive price.

Dyrecto Business Centre currently has member film production companies who are making the most of the benefits offered by a business centre and the considerable tax advantages available in the Canary Islands.

Demand for and hiring the services of a business centre are on the increase as the initial investment for entrepreneurs is lower allowing them to have a wide range of services at a reduced cost.


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