Carnival in Tenerife 2019 – the most important dates

The Carnival of Tenerife 2019 is here and with it the big parties, lots of fun and great costumes. You still do not know which are the most important events? It would be great having the different carnival programmes of the municipalities to plan your carnival on the island… No problem, here is a brief summary of the main celebrations, so you do not miss anything.

Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2019

The most famous carnival of all is celebrated in the capital and marks the start of the season for the whole island. We have to divide the carnival into two areas: the contests and the street carnival.

Carnaval de Tenerife 2019 Santa Cruz

Contests and Gala elections of the Carnival of Tenerife

The competitions are characterised by the fact that the best groups, costumes and dances of the carnival come together and compete in great contests against each other. The carnival groups such as murgas, comparsas and rondallas are well known, but the prelude to the carnival on the street, is always the Gala of the Carnival Queen, which is celebrated on February 27th this year.

After the election of the Carnival Queen, the street parties officially begin with the opening parade on Friday, March 1st. The next day, on Saturday, March 2nd, the comparsas will be having a great night out at the “Rhythm and Harmony” parade, one of the most rhythmic and colourful events.

Carnaval de Tenerife 2019 Carnaval en la Calle

Carnival on the street

There is something for everyone at the street carnival, for the little ones and for adults, whether during the day or at night. The carnival of the day is celebrated on March 3rd and 9th, while the carnival at night takes place the whole week with various concerts and events such as the burial of the sardine. Below you have a summary image with all the highlights and the carnival programme of Tenerife.

Programa Carnaval de Tenerife 2019

International Carnival of Puerto de la Cruz 2019

Carnaval Puerto de la Cruz 2019 Mascarita Ponte Tacón

In Puerto de la Cruz there is also a carnival and the men’s marathon “Mascarita Ponte Tacón” is the absolute highlight. In this crazy race men wear extravagant costumes and gigantic heels, which must be at least 8 centimetres high. The marathon will be held on Friday, March 8th, starting at 8:00 pm.

Carnival of Los Gigantes 2019

Carnaval de Los Gigantes 2019

The whole Olympus will come to the carnival in Los Gigantes, Santiago del Teide, because the festivities are dedicated to Greek deities this year. From March 15th to 23rd (next to the carnival in Los Cristianos) different celebrations take place and make this carnival one of the most important events in the south of the island.

Carnival of Los Cristianos 2019

Carnaval de Los Cristianos 2019

The jungle is the topic chosen this year by the International Carnival of Los Cristianos, which is the last to be held from March 21st to April 1st. The most important dates of this carnival are the opening parade on Saturday, March 23rd, the Queen’s Gala election on Thursday, March 28th, the Drag Queen Gala on Friday, March 29th, the carnival of the day on March 30th, and the Apotheosis parade on March 31st, ending with the burial of the sardine on April 1st.

Carnival of Candelaria 2019

Carnaval de Candelaria 2019

This year the carnival of Candelaria will be celebrated from March 9th to the 23rd. The programme includes the Queen’s Gala election on March 15th, the choreographic festival and carnival on March 17th, the Drag Queen Gala on March 22nd and the dance of the carnival on March 23rd.

Carnival of Los Silos 2019

Carnaval de Los Silos 2019

The historic town of Los Silos is also celebrating its carnival in March, from the 4th to the 10th. One of the funniest events is the crazy car race on Saturday, March 9th.

Piñata Chica de Tacoronte 2019

Carnaval de Tacoronte 2019

The Piñata Chica, the carnival in the municipality of Tacoronte from March 15th to 18th, are festivities where especially the little ones can celebrate big. Particularly noteworthy is the traditional show of classic cars on March 17th.

With so many carnival possibilities, you will definitely enjoy our tradition! Do not forget to check our event calendar for more events and more news on the island.

Surfing World Cup in Tenerife: Cabreiroá Las Américas Pro 2019

The Tenerife Surfing World Cup has already established itself after the second year. In an intense week, surfers from all over the world have been able to ride the wave “Izquierda de la Palmera”, one of the most famous surf spots of the island. Do you want to know more about the championship?

Qualifying Series, the road to fame

Mundial de Surf en Tenerife 2019

The Qualifying Series (colloquially known as QS) are a must for any surfer who wants to compete in the Olympus of Waves. The athletes participating in the QS will do so with the goal of achieving one of the award-winning and limited places of the World Championship Tour.

The World Surfing League Association (WSL as a short form) organises QS championships around the world. Las Americas Pro was the first test of the year 2019 that covers Europe.

Cabreiroa Las Americas Pro 2019

The so-called “Spanish Left” or Izquierda de la Palmera is the place chosen for the second consecutive year to host this event, a surf spot on a volcanic ground with waves ranging from 1 to 3 metres. It is also located in one of the most important tourist enclaves in the south of the island, with numerous leisure activities and a pleasant temperature throughout the year.

Cabreiroá Las Américas Pro 2019, a championship with two winners

About 150 surfers from around the world gathered on the stage of Las Americas Pro during six days of disputed tests. The championship was broadcast live on WSL’s official YouTube channel, with thousands of views and live comments from hundreds of internet surfers, who connected to see the great atmosphere and the pleasant climate of Tenerife.

Surf en Tenerife los 365 días del año

In the men’s final two Frenchmen Paul Cesar Distinguin and Timothee Bisso competed against eachother. Timothee Bisso secured the victory with 15.10 points, thanks to a big wave that brought him directly 8.33 points.

In the women’s final, the Basque Leticia Canales and Daniela Baldini from Tenerife fought to win the championship. In a tight final with only 1.5 points difference, the local hero Daniela Boldini ended up winning and earned the cheers of the audience.

Ganadores Las Americas Pro 2019

For the first time, the amount of prize money in both categories is the same, to create an egalitarian championship in which both women and men are treated equally.

Surfing in Tenerife 365 days a year

In Tenerife, thanks to the good weather conditions, you can surf 365 days a year. Whether you are an experienced surfer or a novice, you will surely find the ideal place to fully enjoy the sport.

If you want to learn how to ride a board from professionals, you can visit one of the numerous surf schools on the island, where they will be happy to teach you the basics and give you the necessary material so that you can start to surf your first waves. What are you waiting for?