Canary Film Sound increases its list of equipment and professionals

With 20 years of experience, half of which have been based in the Canary Islands, Canary Film Sound, whose staff are experts in location sound, has increased its list of new equipment with new Sound Device recorders, including Scorpio and 833, and Aaton with the Cantar Mini. All the wireless systems are digital hybrid Lectrosonics, while its microphones are Schoeps and DPA.

Thanks to the new collaborators and systems, Canary Film Sound achieves the highest standards of an industry undergoing continuous change.

All of this can be configured under a cart, mini-cart and bags, with follow carts and boom carts also on offer, which means that any location can be quickly and effectively accessed. The professionals at Canary Film Sound use their own vehicles and renewable technologies, thus offering a convenient and sustainable solution that fits in with any production. This, along with ties with other professionals on the islands and beyond, means that Canary Film Sound is able to manage different productions and units simultaneously.

During this decade of work on the islands, the company has run location sound management for a whole of host of different national and international productions in a range of languages, consolidating its position as a benchmark in the Canary Islands and a guarantee of experience, adaptability and excellence in location sound. Some of its reference joint sound works are:

The feature films Abyss (Avgrunden) by Netflix / SF Studios / Mjölk Movies, providing its services together with 7Islands., Hit Big, produced by Komeetta and Til Vi Falder for Meta Films, providing its services for both Orange Valley, and La Viajante, a co-production with Digital 104 / Volcano Films. 

The British fiction series A Town Called Malice, co-produced by Vertigo Films, Rogue State and Sky Studios, and the Swedish fiction series Ture Sventon 2, produced by Jarowskij, with joint services with Orange Valley, the Finnish fiction series Peacemaker, produced by Matila Röhr Productions and La Sala for HBO.

And for the sequel of such feature films as Rambo: The Last Blood, Operación Concha and such series as The Head for HBO Asia and Eine Billion Dollar forW&B Television GmbH providing services with Surfilm.

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