Film Canary Islands describes its production services for Enertea

Film Canary Islands received a proposal in March from Boom Creative Studios, based in Zurich (Switzerland) looking for a location with guaranteed sun to film its next spot for the energy tea Enertea.

The story of a groups of friends unfolds in a skateboard park on a sunny day while they have a drink between dancing and games. Film Canary Islands proposed the location of the skatepark in Granja Park in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the island’s capital. They also performed the casting in Tenerife and found new talent like Gretel Delgado, who easily performed the skateboard tricks required in the script for the spot.

The team at Boom Creative found the sunny days they wanted in Tenerife to film the feeling of a perfect summer in the spot, while filming during the days of April they had scheduled. Although they had the chance to choose to film the spot in Switzerland, they weren’t guaranteed the good weather that Tenerife and the Canary Islands offers in the winter.

You can watch the spot here at:

And the making of it here at:

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