The Canarian coproduction ‘Devil Dog Road’ to compete at Miami Film Festival

The feature film ‘Devil Dog Road’ [‘Lo Carga el Diablo’], coproduced by Canarian production company Volcano Films, will be premiered  at Miami Film Festival on 10 April and is competing for the Jordan Ressler Feature Film Award.

The film, directed by Guillermo Polo and shot in Tenerife, Valencia, Aragon and Galicia (Spain), tells the story of a frustrated writer whose boring life changes completely when, under mysterious circumstances, he is forced to take the frozen corpse of his troublesome brother, Simon, across Spain, travelling from Asturias, in the north, to Benidorm in the south of the country.

His mission is to fulfil Simon’s last wish: to be buried in the house where they both spent their childhood. During this peculiar journey, the protagonist, Tristán, has to deal with strange situations and excentric characters. Humour comes from the contrast between the surreal circumstances and Tristan’s conformist nature.

The main cast includes Pablo Molinero, Antonia San Juan, Mero González, Luifer Rodríguez, Emilio Baule, Isak Férriz and Itziar Castro.

The director and producers are attending the premiere, which marks the beginning of the film’s tour of international festivals.

For further information about the film and the festival please click here.

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