Film shoots brought a record 103 million euros on the island in 2023

The statistics of the Tenerife Film Commission in 2023 recorded 43 more productions than in 2022

Audiovisual productions recorded 103 million euros on the island in 2023, 2 million more than in 2022, according to data collected by the Tenerife Film Commission (TFC) – the department of Turismo de Tenerife in charge of promoting the island as a film location. The number of productions received was also higher, with a total of 163, 43 more than the previous year.

The figures for economic investment in filming over recent years on the island highlight this evolution. From 19 million in 2015 to 28 million in 2018 and 101 million in 2022, the first year in which the 100-million euro barrier was surpassed. In terms of number of productions, only 2021 recorded more film shoots than in 2023, with a total of 189, albeit with an economic investment of 45 million euros less. In addition, audiovisual productions generated almost 3,281 jobs in technical and artistic positions, and 2,867 jobs for extras.

The Vice-President and Regional Councillor for Tourism, Lope Afonso, points out that “filming brought a record 103 million euros in Tenerife in 2023. If this projection is mantained, the island will continue to be a benchmark in audiovisual production. This is five times the amount reached in 2015, which was 19 million. We are confident that we will continue along these lines. We are satisfied with this balance”. Lope Afonso also highlights that “14 new companies have joined the Tenerife Film Commission. This is further graphic evidence of the increase in activity on the island, creating new jobs and corroborating that the industry is booming. Likewise, the number of total days of filming has increased to 990, which contributes to generating more job opportunities”.

The CEO of Turismo de Tenerife, Dimple Melwani, remarks that “more and more jobs are being created by this activity. It is a sector that continues to grow and we must support it, as it allows us to diversify our economy and generate a great deal of profit for the destination. Likewise, through the TFC we attend many international events and those held on the island“.

By type of production, in 2023 Tenerife hosted 10 feature films, the highest number since records began, 43 commercials and 53 photoshoots. 12 television programmes were also recorded, as well as six documentaries, in addition to six television series plus five documentary series. Four music videos were also recorded. And the number of days of filming, adding up all the days each production spent on the island, rose to 990, 121 days more than in 2022.

As for the origin of the productions, German productions topped the list, with 36, followed by national productions, with 35, and the United Kingdom, with 21. 38 were from other European Union countries. American productions accounted for 17, eight more than last year, and the highest number of American productions ever recorded on the island.

Major productions

Among the international feature films that the island hosted in 2023 are Den of Thieves 2, starring Gerard Butler, and ISLA/UGPR (provisional title), directed by Guy Ritchie. As regards series, the German series The Assessment and the Norwegian series La Palma, both used Volcano Films services; along with the German series STAGs, which used the services of Film! Canary Islands, and Für Immer Sommer, which hired the services of Seven Islands Film. The national films that chose the island in 2022 included Padres, La bandera, Odio el verano and Disco, Ibiza, Locomía, among others. Spanish series include Camilo Superstar and Una vida menos en Canarias.

Television programmes included the German programme Wasserspieler for the channel RTL stands out, which used the local production services of Film! Canary Islands; along with Germany’s Next Topmodel, with supermodel Heidi Klum, by Redseven Entertainment, employing the services of Seven Islands Film. In the advertising section, the island was the setting for the filming of commercials for the brands Yves Saint Laurent, Glasgow, Volkswagen, Tezenis, Merrel and Nivea, with the services of such local production companies as Sur Film, Volcano Films and Boudika Productions, among others.


The thriving nature of the island’s animation sector was also evident in 2023, a year in which 13 animation projects were completed in Tenerife and during which work was carried out on another 12 multi-year projects. At 19 million euros, productions of this type accounted for 23% (compared with 18% the previous year) of the 103 million euros of investment in total by audiovisual productions on the island last year. This sector also generated 667 jobs.

Noteworthy among the main animation productions were the feature film co-production SuperKlaus with the animation studio 3 Doubles Producciones, to be released in 2024, and the fifth season of the French series Miraculous Ladybug, which Atlantis Animation provided services for. Atlantis also produced ‘Messi and the Giants teaser’ for Sony, and Tomavision’s Christmas special – Merry Little Batman. In addition, B Water Studios participated in the American series Ghosts of Ruins. As regards the nationality of the animation productions, two from Australia stand out, marking the first time that this country has taken advantage of the island’s qualities in this field.

TFC Balance

The work of the Tenerife Film Commission (TFC) in the development of the island as a film set is key to the results obtained. This department of Turismo de Tenerife, in addition to attracting filming, provides support services in the search for locations, collaborates in obtaining permits, advises on sustainability requirements for filming, organises specialised training for the sector, etc. More than 80 companies associated with the Tenerife Film Commission are involved in the productions that come to the island, not just production companies and service companies, but also VFX studios, such as the one set up last year – 22 Dogs VFX – as well as digital image and sound laboratories, production material, the rental of cameras, lighting equipment and other machinery, hotels, catering and logistics. In 2023, Easy Filming; Datadron; Grip Art Canarias; Canarship; Marine Film Division; La Pendeja Food Truck; Filmter Locations; Twentyfour-seven; Flywus Studios; Yes Us Interaction; Free Run Services; Pipeline Pro; 22 Dogs VFX and Atlantic Zone all joined TFC.

As part of its location scouting function, the Tenerife Film Commission made 12 location and inspection visits on the island last year, of which two have already filmed their project. It also organised four familiarisation trips to Tenerife for production managers, with a total of 58 participants.

TFC also attended and collaborated in numerous events and festivals in 2023. In Tenerife, it was present at the Quirino Awards (organised by Turismo de Tenerife), FICMEC; CIIF MARKET; Isla Calavera; La Orotava Short Film Festival, IslaBentura Canarias and the IFIC Specialisation Programme. Abroad, it attended eight events, including Series Manía, Shooting Location Marketplace, Mipcom, Cíclope and MIFA, with a total of 129 meetings with sector representatives.

In the field of training, TFC organised six training workshops, with the participation of 125 students in total, in such subjects as digital capture and HDR monitoring, ecomanager, assistant director, location, audiovisual production and continuity.

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