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  • The Symphony Orchestra of Tenerife


    The Symphony Orchestra of Tenerife

    The violin, the ninth symphonies and symphonic works of Mahler are the highlights of the 2014-2015 season of the Symphony Orchestra of Tenerife, under the leadership of the Polish master Nesterowicz Michal. Concerts that make up the program make a to...[+]

  • Pedro Paricio,


    Pedro Paricio, "elogio de la pintura"

    At a time when the continuity of painting as an art form is questioned, Pedro Paricio, Tenerife artist based in London, has made of painting his lifestyle . His work is a continuous loop, review and tribute to the history of painting itself, through ...[+]

  • Quantum Ensemble


    Quantum Ensemble

    A new approach to classical music
    A modern way of interpreting classical music, more flexible and directed to a wider audience. Quantum Ensemble concerts take place in a friendly atmosphere in which a direct dialogue with the public is set to pl...[+]

  • Visit the Dorada Brewery


    Visit the Dorada Brewery

    The local brewing company opens its doors to unveil the manufacturing process of Dorada beer, from the collection of raw materials to bottling, with a guide who accompanies you through the facilities explaining each stage of the brewing process. And ...[+]

  • Thematic routes in Tegueste


    Thematic routes in Tegueste

    Meet the scenery and history of the town of Tegueste through over thirty thematic routes that take place throughout the year. Specialized guides will show you the most beautiful scenery of the town, its historical, artistic and archaeological heritag...[+]

  • Easter in La Laguna


    Easter in La Laguna

    Enjoy the seclusion and excitement of Easter processions in La Laguna, walking the streets of the old town in an atmosphere of great devotion, from Passion Sunday, March 29, to Easter (April 5) , through the procession at dawn on Thursday night to Go...[+]

  • Easter week


    Easter week

    Easter is a time of processions, meditation and devotion. Many areas of Tenerife celebrate these dates with traditions such as the representation of the Passion in Adeje, and with extensive programs that go beyond religious acts, like culinary events...[+]

  • Passion play


    Passion play

    The story of the passion and death of Jesus is reenacted every Holy Friday in Adeje as one of the most important and poignant events of the Holy Week in the municipality. A unique sample of amateur theatre and devotion which protagonists are the resi...[+]

  • Romeo Santos, the king of Bachata


    Romeo Santos, the king of Bachata

    Certainly the Latin concert of the season. As a singer and principal songwriter of Aventura, Romeo Santos took his songs to the top of the international charts. Born in the Bronx by a Puerto Rican mother and a Dominican father, he has become one of t...[+]

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