There are various national and international rules and laws that protect populations of pilot whales and dolphins. It is therefore important to be careful with any human activity that might affect these magnificent beasts, including whale and dolphin watching.

The following rules must be observed during out this activity:


  • Keep a distance of at least 60 metres.
  • Observe the maximum watching time of 30 minutes.
  • Sail at slow speeds.
  • Avoid concentrations of boats.
  • Leave the area if the animals are being disturbed.


  • Swim with the animals.
  • Feed them.
  • Touch them.
  • Throw any waste into the sea.
  • Make noises that might disturb them.

The companies that organise this activity also have a “Quality Charter”, in which they undertake to offer a tourist service that is respectful to the animals and minimises the potential impact on the marine environment.

If an animal is found to be wounded or beached, it is essential to call the emergency number 112 in order to launch the rescue protocol laid down for these scenarios.