El Teide's climate is typically subalpine.

In winter, Tenerife creates a scene that is rarely found elsewhere in the world: While the locals and tourists on the coast wallow in spring-like temperatures averaging 23 ºC (73 ºF), the peaks of Las Cañadas del Teide are topped with a thick layer of snow striking a contrast against the bright sky and the sunshine. Often when El Teide is dressed in white, tourists and locals will come to spend a day of fun in the snow, and will then head down to the coast for a swim and some sunbathing.

What makes the scene even more striking is to see such a barren landscape as El Teide National Park, with its volcanic scenery resembling a science fiction set, covered with brilliant white snow. The brown and black shades of the volcanic sand contrast with the pure whiteness of the snow and the bright blue sky, all against the mighty backdrop of one of the world's heighest volcanoes: El Teide.