Legendary volcanoes

Not only is Tenerife the island version of Noah's Ark thanks to its biodiversity, but it is also home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Teide National Park and the city of La Laguna.

Don't miss what this territory has to offer you, including a day on Mount Teide, on Pico Viejo or exploring the volcanoes of Siete Fuentes, Fasnia and Arafo.

A visit to this territory will enable you to discover the Island's most recent volcanic eruptions, given that it is lined from one end to the other with historically relevant volcanoes – at least the ones we know of. The last to erupt, over 100 years ago, was Chinyero, when it spent 10 days and nights spewing lava.

This territory was also the setting for some of the most epic battles between Spanish conquistadors and the local Guanche people which took place 500 years ago. As a reminder, two towns have been named in memory of those battles: La Victoria (meaning 'The Victory') and La Matanza ('The Massacre'). The area's mountainous terrain, full of deep gullies and ravines, is perfect for an ambush.

The word diversity defines this land to perfection as it contains almost every type of landscape on the Island, from dry and arid to lush and humid. It is also home to a great many species of plants and animals, and houses towns and cities of great architectural variety.

Among the most popular attractions of the Volcanes Legendarios (the Legendary Volcanoes) are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Teide National Park and the city of La Laguna.

If you'd like some advice, we recommend you go on some of the self-guided tours you will find at (insert link). One of them takes you to visit Caldera de Pedro Gil and the Arafo volcano, where the smoke columns during the eruption in 1705 reached up to 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) in length.

There are other equally fascinating routes that will take you to places such as Siete Fuentes and Fasnia, or La Catedral and Los Roques de García, or even the Narices del Teide and the Boca Cangrejo crater. Not to mention the Chinyero trail, where you will be struck by the contrast between the intense green of the pine trees and the black lava.