Charco del Viento

Natural swimming pool in northern Tenerife

This is a unique setting on the Island that was created by ancient volcanic eruptions as they flowed into the sea and quickly cooled. The result is a small natural bay formed by two tongues of lava that shelter their waters from the mighty force of the area's waves.

Located in the neighbourhood of Santa Catalina, La Guancha is a very popular place to visit among locals and tourists because of its beauty and singularity.

Whether you are a fisherman or a snorkeller, you will find its calm crystal clear waters to be perfect.

Charco del Viento
Lomo la Bautista, 16, 38441 La Guancha
Weather Today
Maximum: 23º
Minimum: 16º
La Guancha. Variable cloudiness on Sunday morning. As the hours pass by, calm weather. Mild temperature raising.