Loro Parque

Leisure Park located in Tenerife North

Loro Parque has been named the Best Zoo in the world by TripAdvisor based on the experience of its visitors. It is a magical place which offers a home to over ten thousand exotic and endangered animals, representing over five hundred species and subspecies from all over the Planet. Its impressive facilities, a perfect recreation of their natural habitats, and over a million satisfied visitors every year, make Loro Parque the "must" of the Canary Islands.

This year, Loro Parque has prepared two incredible surprises for its visitors: The Pygmy Hippopotamus, a threatened species from West Africa which will have as its new home an impressive compound; and the Zen Garden, the first underwater Japanese Garden in the world.

Loro Parque, is a real zoological embassy which has already won over its guests with the perfect recreation of the natural habitats of each animal you will discover here together with the incredible beauty of the Park, its luxuriant vegetation and the constant struggle to conserve the animal world. We would like to give you a tour of some of the most emblematic animal displays.

Orca Ocean is regarded as the most innovative and most modern installation in the world, built especially to guarantee the wellbeing of its six precious orcas, as well as for the activities of conservation, education and raising awareness among the public. The majesty and intelligence of these magnificent animals will leave you speechless.

Lion´s Kingdom. An impressive recreation of the African savannah and its spectacular lions. although we call the lion the "King of the Jungle", the population of this lovely animal is very much affected by human activity. We invite our visitors to Lion's Kingdom to join the fight for the conservation of the species.

Animal Embassy. This reflects the contribution of Loro Parque and the Loro Parque Foundation to a world which is coming more and more under environmental pressure caused by humans. Through wide windows, the visitor can enjoy getting to know the Baby Station, the Nursery and the clinic and the leading-edge scientific laboratory. The visitors will enjoy getting to know the impressive intelligence of parrots in the world-famed Max Planck institute.

Avda. Loro Parque,s/n. 38400 PUERTO DE LA CRUZ
Fax.: 0034 922 37 50 21