Coastal resorts in South Tenerife not affected by fire


The blaze started in the Adeje highlands in the Ifonche area


Area affected by the fire

Firefighters battling to control the blaze in the hills of South Tenerife have been joined by three seaplanes from Spain’s Ministry of the Environment. From 11.00 hours this morning three aircraft began operating in the Guayero Canyon area (Guía de Isora), on the right flank to prevent the fire from spreading to the Vilaflor area. There are now seven aircraft (hydroplanes and helicopters) and 500 firefighters deployed to extinguish the fire.

The president of the Government of Tenerife, Ricardo Melchior, gave the press an update on the situation this afternoon. The fire covers an area of around 2,000 hectares in the mountains but coastal resorts are not affected.

 For safety reasons and also because access roads are closed, visitors and residents are advised not to attempt to visit the Teide National Park until further notice.

The authorities have imposed a ban on activities in the forests, access to recreation areas in the mountains and driving on forest tracks to prevent further fire outbreaks. There are several road closures to facilitate the movement of firefighting vehicles and the emergency services.


The roads blocked are: TF 38 (km 22) up to the La Estrella restaurant, the TF 21 at kilometre 67 (Vilaflor) and kilometer 47 (Parador Nacional), TF- 583, in Taucho, TF-585 TF in Tijoco Alto and TF-567 at kilometre 0, to Ifonche.

Apart from these restricted areas, visitors can move freely throughout the island. Both airports are operating normally.

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In the picture  you can see the area affected by the fire

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