Mount Teide National Park restricted areas in 2013



Due to the work of control of the mouflon at Mount Teide National Park, the Canarian Government has restricted all access or visits to the following areas:

“all places and trails at the South of t TF-21 until Curva de los azulejos and from that point, all the way up the   ravine to the southern limit of the National Park every Wednesday and Friday until June 7 between 7 and 14 hours.”


  • In this area there are a number of exceptions in which the access and permanence will be the usual:
  • as roads and viewpoints of roads,
  • Arico General tracks,
  • Montaña limón
  • as well as some trails and marked areas.


The restriction will be back  from October 2nd  to November 8th .

For any additional information please contact  Mount Teide National Park Office : Tel: 922 922 371 (from 09.00 h – 14.00 h)

Towel of Jewels at Mount Teide


This restriction is not an excuse to  miss a  visit to  the Teide National Park, especially at this time, we have Tajinastes blossom.

We suggest two things:

Visit their Facebook page so you can see the beauty of the places  where Felix can take you.

Note: photographs are courtesy of Félix de la Rosa and One day in Tenerife and have all  rights reserved .

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