Bodyboarding in Tenerife: the best spots to ride the waves

Nose, tail, wide point, deck, slick… These are the terms that will accompany you as the board becomes an extension of your body while discovering what it is to ride a wave on a boogie in Tenerife.

Don your wetsuit, hold on tight to your board and let the waves feed you that rush of adrenaline. Whether you want to get started in this sport or you are already an expert rider, bodyboarding in Tenerife is always a discovery and a thrilling experience.

Where to bodyboard in Tenerife…

The coast of Tenerife has many places that are perfect for bodyboarding. If we add the winds, the mild year-round climate and the various marine environments that create all types of waves for all levels, even just a short break here becomes essential for enthusiasts of water sports like this one.

If you are looking to have a good time and discover the full potential of the coast in Tenerife, here are some great tips:

  • Bodyboarding in SOUTHERN Tenerife

Playa de Las Américas in Arona is a 100% surfers’ paradise. Great atmosphere, good vibes and the best waves, such as those on Playa de El Guincho, also known as The Bunker or The Conquistador. Or at Las Palmeras, where you can find several schools for learning or perfecting your technique.

Let’s talk about El Médano and its surroundings. Everyone knows that this part of the island is a paradise for windsurfing and kitesurfing, but there are also some special spots for bodyboarding.

Playa de El Cabezo and La Jaquita are great for getting started. Very close by, in El Confital or La Machacona near La Tejita, you have a wonderful long tube wave that is highly recommendable for the most advanced bodyboarders.

El Socorro, in Güímar, is not so well known by also very suitable. So is Playa El Faro, in the fishing village of El Porís de Abona. Punta Blanca, in Alcalá, heading towards Los Gigantes, can also be an interesting option for bodyboarding in southern Tenerife. El Socorro and Punta Blanca require certain bodyboarding skills, so only give them a try if you are an experienced bodyboarder!

  • Bodyboarding in NORTHERN Tenerife

The northern part of the island is another world. Different landscapes, another coastline.

Head to Puerto de la Cruz and visit Playa de Martiánez. Right next to the seafront promenade. This is a rocky beach with the perfect depth to receive the currents perfectly. Or head towards Los Realejos to find Playa de El Socorro. Both these places host bodyboarding competitions due to the quality of their waves.

If you want to know all the latest news about the events that take place on the island, visit the website of the Canarian Surfing Federation.

  • Bodyboarding in ANAGA

Besides its incredible nature and traditional villages, the Anaga Rural Park is also home to Playa de Almáciga. An untamed coastline with easy access and services that include parking and bars for quenching your thirst. Also nearby is Playa de Benijo, even wilder but a truly unique experience. Access is not very difficult but it offers one of the most surprising landscapes on the island.

Bear in mind that this is an area of strong currents and relatively rough seas, very popular with the locals.

Whatever you’re looking for, whatever you choose, there is only one rule: discover new emotions. You just need to bring your boogie and be carried away by the power of the Atlantic.

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