Tenerife, a paradise for water sports activities in the summer… and all year round!

Sport and sea go hand-in-hand in Tenerife in an offer of the widest range of experiences that water sports enthusiasts could ever imagine. Clear waters, a pleasant temperature all year round, with the supporting infrastructure, staff and equipment that allow you to enjoy infinite possibilities within the grasp of the most intrepid and avid visitors that wish to experience the sensation of exploring the sea bed or surfing the waves, to quote just a couple of examples.

These are just some of the options the island has to offer:

Scuba diving, an underwater world to discover

Explore sandy, rocky and volcanic sea beds, discover marine landscapes that are unique in the world and teeming with sea life. This is possible in Tenerife, which offers those passionate about diving to a hidden treasure under its crystalline waters. With 60 immersion points along the coast, both novices and experienced divers can submerge themselves in this aquatic paradise, down to depths of up to 40 metres, with its exotic marine flora and fauna that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing, adrenaline at sea

Tenerife is a paradise for lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing. So much so that Tenerife has hosted major competitions, even including the Windsurfing World Championships. Why not enjoy this idyllic stage while on holiday? The famous El Médano beach is internationally renowned for its ideal conditions, with more than 300 days of wind a year which are conducive for practising these exciting sports. There are also stores that sell and repair material, schools where you can learn and equipment available for rentals on the same beach.

Surfing and Bodyboarding, challenge the waves

With 33 spots for surfing and bodyboarding along the coast, the island is the ideal spot for lovers of these exciting aquatic disciplines. Large waves and the constant availability of the right sea conditions mean that surfing and bodyboarding can be enjoyed at any time of the year; hence, it is common for visitors to arrive here and share the waves with international stars that come to the island to train.

Stand-up Paddleboarding, fun for the whole family

The sensation of walking on water which comes with practising stand-up paddleboarding is a thrilling experience that is hard to forget. If you do this as a couple, as a family or with friends, then it is even more fun and enjoyable! Tenerife has different areas in the east, southeast and southwest of the island where you can practise this water sport safely and close to nature.

Discover spectacular landscapes while kayaking

Kayaking offers a unique opportunity to get close to landscapes like the impressive Los Gigantes cliffs, which rise 600 metres above sea level; you will feel minuscule up close to them. It is easy to learn to kayak, and if you do this with family or friends this will be one of the most enjoyable moments you have on a trip to Tenerife.

Sail, peace and tranquillity at sea

The calm waters and mild climate on the island mean that sailing is an unforgettable experience. With as many as nine marinas distributed between the north and south of the island, Tenerife is an attractive destination for those who wish to enjoy the infinite sea alone or in the right company.

Test out your resistance practising freediving

Swimming underwater and freediving down to the sea bed is an experience that many visitors wish to experience in Tenerife. The island has exceptional conditions to practise this challenging sport: a constant temperature and great visibility, along with incredible depths that will challenge you. A great many initiation and advanced level centres are available for those interested in this activity.

Deep-sea fishing, an exciting challenge

Deep-sea fishing is gaining enthusiasts year after year in Tenerife. The island, located on a migration route for a large variety of marine species, offers a host of opportunities for lovers of this activity. From different marinas, enthusiasts can enjoy an unforgettable experience with equipment and crew provided.

Discover Tenerife: submerge yourself in its waters and enjoy exciting adventures in this paradise for water sports; to find out more, don’t exit this page in order to discover even more options to enjoy in the magical fusion of sport and sea.

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