Informative clause on the processing of data as a partner

In compliance with the provisions of the current regulations governing Data Protection, SPET, TURISMO DE TENERIFE S.A. (hereinafter TURISMO DE TENERIFE) informs you in an express, precise and unequivocal manner that the entity's data as well as contact information associated therewith, as well as any other personal data that the partner agrees to provide us with at the time of his or her request will be incorporated into and processed as part of the processing activity called Partners, with SPET, Turismo de Tenerife, S.A. being the controller.

The partner entity must provide TURISMO DE TENERIFE with all the data necessary for the proper implementation of its promotional actions, such as brochures, anagrams, images, characteristics of the services, etc. However, TURISMO DE TENERIFE may use other texts or images available to it for the preparation of its promotional elements.

The partner shall be responsible for obtaining the appropriate authorisations for the use of images assigned to TURISMO DE TENERIFE, and these shall remain exempt from any third-party claims for such uses.

As a condition inherent to the services provided by TURISMO DE TENERIFE, and given the purpose of the partnership, the data subject or his or her legal representative authorises the submission of information from TURISMO DE TENERIFE, from the Partners, from Cabildo de Tenerife and/or collaborators, with the purpose being the diffusion of the services and activities of TURISMO TENERIFE.

The data subject or his or her legal representative authorises TURISMO DE TENERIFE, voluntarily and free of charge, to issue, distribute, disseminate, execute and display the images, logos, contact details and general information of the partner via any medium, be it written, press, television, radio and other traditional communication media, as well as via its website or other web pages it might have, and on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Tuenti, Twitter and other online media, and via distribution channels conducive to the marketing of services, activities, products, events, etc., offered by TURISMO DE TENERIFE.

For the promotional purpose implied by the term partnership, the data provided may be freely assigned to third parties unless expressly indicated otherwise in writing. Bank details and data of a financial nature shall not be assigned.

The partner understands and accepts that the data provided, as well as the personal contact data published by TURISMO DE TENERIFE as part of its activity, shall or may be consulted and processed by an entity other than TURISMO DE TENERIFE. The partner is therefore informed that TOURISM OF TENERIFE does not assume any responsibility for the use to which other entities other than TURISMO DE TENERIFE put said information and is hereby exonerated from any claim or liability.

The partner must inform TURISMO DE TENERIFE of any changes that may occur in the data provided and he or she shall be responsible for updating them and for keeping his or her image bank updated.

Whenever TURISMO DE TENERIFE sends personal data to the partner, the latter shall use them for the fulfilment of purposes directly related to the legitimate functions of the assignor and the assignee and is obliged, on the strength of the communication alone, to comply with the provisions of the current Data Protection regulations.

You can consult additional and detailed information regarding Data Protection on CLICK HERE.