El arte de ocupar el espacio (The Art of Filling Space) – MiniTEA

20 May 2022
27 November 2022

The MiniTEA hall at the Tenerife Arts Space is hosting a mini exhibition showing eleven works from the TEA Collection, as well as a series of related activities. The works selected invite visitors on a journey through the most interesting aspects of the history of art as illustrated by sculpting techniques.

The aspects illustrated include the influence of models in classical statues; the arrival of abstraction with avant-garde art; the rise and fall of the monumental style; and the revolution of ready-made art.

The works on display include Infrasonido del lamento. Informe: muerto por un macho salvaje (Moaning Infrasound. Report: Killed by a Wild Male, 2014) by Tahiche Díaz; Paisaje con tres árboles (Landscape with Three Trees, 2006) by Juan Carlos Batista; Columna infinita (Infinite Column, 2012) by Stipo Pranyko; and Torso (1974) by Francesc Torres Monsó, among others.