Ciudad de La Laguna International Romani Flamenco Festival

19 January 2023
20 January 2023

The Ciudad de La Laguna International Romani Flamenco Festival, celebrating its 10th edition in January, is one of the most important events on the flamenco calendar. This year, the festival will highlight the talent of Gypsy women, and their significant contributions to flamenco singing and dancing.

Another highlight this year will be the show by Jorge Pardo, one of the leading figures of Spanish flamenco, who will come on stage with Juan Carmona “El Camborio” – renowned composer and producer, and one of the founders of the musical group Ketama –, guitarist Joni Jiménez and percussionist Bandolero, a virtuoso of flamenco cajon.

Performances by female singers will include those by Montse Cortés – a singer in the style of Camarón de la Isla, whose album Alabanza was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards –; Madrid-born Lela Soto, the youngest member of the flamenco dynasty known as La Casa de los Sordera; Estrella Fernández, from Granada, member of another important flamenco dynasty, the Fernández; and Ángela and Tere Bautista

As to flamenco dancers, the Festival will welcome Karime Amaya, great-niece of Carmen Amaya, and the dancer and hand clapper from Seville José Suárez “El Torombo”, who will put on his performance with fellow dancer Oruco, singer David El Galli and guitar player Luis Habichuela.