Tenerife Teide 360º Cycling Race 2023

15 April 2023
15 April 2023

The Tenerife Teide 360º Cycling Race will be back on 15 April. It is a UCI-classified, partially self-supported, long-distance mountain-bike race.

Participants may choose among various courses, ranging from 50 to 130 kilometres, the star event being the 130K race with a 3700-metre elevation gain.



When: 15 April

Where: Vilaflor de Chasna

Start/finish times:

Teide 90 (50K): 11am-1.22pm

Teide 180 (75K): 10am-1.40pm

Teide 360 (130K): 6am-11.53am

Teide Gravel: 6am-11.53am

Teide E-Bike: 10.30am-2.10pm

Registration fees:

Teide 90 (50K): €45

Teide 180 (75K): €50

Teide 360 (130K): €55

Teide Gravel: €55

Teide E-Bike: €50

More information: https://teide360.com/

Registration: https://desafioteide.trackingsport.com/events/modalidades.xhtml


Tenerife Teide 360º Cycling Race 2023
Vilaflor de Chasna