Mundo y suelo (World and Ground) – Ángel Padrón

05 May 2023
10 June 2023

Mundo y suelo (World and Ground) is an exhibition exploring the relationship between origin and fate from a circular perspective: as a road surrounding an island, both outside and on the inside, that is both its starting point and its final destination. Divided in two sections, the exhibition examines the history of a series of works spanning several decades – a constellation time that leads to an intensification of images.

In the first section, artist Ángel Padrón unfolds a series of time lines and folds them again over themselves in a visual composition, like “metaphors from which life springs up.” In the second section, the artist creates a viewpoint to look into blue space – a symbolic and compositional point to take a look at the world: islands, mountains, roads, surfaces, light.

Mundo y suelo (World and Ground) – Ángel Padrón
Galería de Arte Artizar Calle San Agustín, 63, 38201, La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife