Lavaderos Live Music 2023

06 July 2023
31 August 2023

On Thursdays in July and August, Los Lavaderos Art Centre is hosting the 7th Lavaderos Live Music, a series of concerts to enjoy with the family. The concerts will take place in the Central Courtyard.

In July, Lavaderos Live Music will offer concerts by La Cangreja, the band led by the young musician from Gran Canaria Elena Santana specialising in musical fusion and carefully crafted lyrics; A Togo Jazx, with German singer and guitarist Franzi Ruf; Go Back Timple Fusión, a musical project by Eduardo del Rosario; and young singer Estrella Marina alongside singer-songwriter Miguel Rojas.

In August, Los Lavaderos will welcome Víctor y La Nube; Italian artist Federica Farace and her multimedia show Vuelo 4.32: La emigración del alma; Bolero Meet Jazz, a Latin mix project by Jordi Arocha and Luis Ramírez; Cristal Acústico, a band exploring popular music from Latin America; and the Argentine/Uruguayan band Rumores de Milonga.


Lavaderos Live Music 2023
Sala de Arte Los Lavaderos Calle de Carlos Chevilly, 1, 38001, Santa Cruz de Tenerife