Reíslas – 8 Island Humour Festival

15 September 2023
23 September 2023

Reíslas, the 8 Island Humour Festival, is a comedy festival aimed at bringing the leading comedians in Spain closer to audiences in the Canary Islands. Held for the first time in 2023, it will have two venues in Tenerife: the Leal Theatre and the University of La Laguna (ULL) Hall and Theatre.

The festival’s programme includes a wide range of shows in a variety of comedy-related disciplines and formats, chosen to reach as many age groups and profiles as possible. In Tenerife, there will be shows by David Cepo, Lalachus & Bertus, and Miguel Lago, among others.



When: From 15 to 23 September

Where: Leal Theatre and University of La Laguna Hall/Theatre

Showtimes/Ticket prices: Check festival schedule

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Reíslas – 8 Island Humour Festival
Paraninfo de la Universidad de La Laguna
C/ Delgado Barreto, s/n. Edificio Central de la ULL