Life Partners: Pollinators

09 October 2023
30 April 2024

The Museum of Nature and Archaeology (MUNA) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is hosting an exhibition about pollinators and the important role they play in nature. Having begun in October, the exhibition will go down on 30 April. It also focuses on pollinator decline and the need to develop both global and local/individual strategies to reconfigure the relationship between humans and nature, factoring in social and environmental costs.

Because of this, the exhibition is a tool for discussion and reflection, in line with the citizen workshops on pollinator decline. These workshops are organised by MUNA, the Competence Centre on Participatory and Deliberative Democracy of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, and the University of La Laguna, with support from Kim Educativo and EU funding.

Life Partners: Pollinators
Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre
C/ Fuente Morales, s/n
38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife