Keroxen Festival 2023

21 October 2023
24 November 2023

In late October (21 and 28) and November (4, 18 and 24), El Tanque Cultural Venue is playing host to the 2023 Keroxen Festival. Since 2009, Keroxen has been a forum for the convergence of different disciplines exploring the relationship between people and art.

This year, the festival will include performances by Kalihue (Tenerife); Derek Holzer (USA) and Luka Aron (Germany); Dyatlov (Tenerife); GOAT (Japan); Dasha Rush (Russia); Paula Mederos (Tenerife); Halli Crigi (Netherlands/Tenerife); Panda Bear & Sonic Boom (USA/UK), and many other artists.

Keroxen Festival 2023
Espacio Cultural el Tanque
C/ Perdomo Modesto Campos
38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife