17th Clownbaret International Festival-FIC 2023

02 October 2023
05 October 2023

For the seventeenth time, Clownbaret International Festival (FIC) will transform the Canary Islands into the mecca of comedy. The 2023 programme includes as many as 120 activities and shows in the open air, some of them premieres, staged by 26 local, Spanish and international theatre companies. In Tenerife, there will be FIC activities in 12 different towns.

FIC is a unique opportunity to watch the best of today’s clowning, a much relevant theatrical discipline. The festival will offer world-class shows by companies from Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Chile and Argentina, as well as by the best-known Spanish and Canarian clowns.


17th Clownbaret International Festival-FIC 2023
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