Carnival: Opening Parade 2024

09 February 2024
09 February 2024

On 9 February, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is hosting the Carnival Opening Parade, which marks the beginning of Carnival street activities. This big parade, whose starting point will be in Plaza de la República Dominicana, will be led by the Carnival Queen.

A host of floats, decked-out carriages, krewes, music bands and fantasy characters will take to the streets to greet onlookers. Some of the best vantage points will be on streets like Méndez Núñez, El Pilar or Villalba Hervás. Please make sure you come early to secure your place in the crowd!


When: 9 February

Where: Plaza de la República Dominicana, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Showtime: 8pm

Admission: Free

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Carnival: Opening Parade 2024
Santa Cruz de Tenerife