MEI - Iberoamerican Performing Arts Festival

22 March 2019
11 May 2019

The Tenerife Institute for Performing Arts launches the Iberoamerican Performing Arts Festival (MEI), to be hosted by the Theatre in El Sauzal. The festival offers a window from the island to view the reality of the performing arts scene in the countries making up Iberian America. Shows from Portugal, Cuba, the Canary Islands and Spain will be staged in the north Tenerife town from 22 March until 11 May 2019. Each year, the ‘Focus On’ section of the MEI will select a specific country as its theme and will offer a tailor-made programme to connect up Spanish and international companies and programmers. Mexico has been chosen for this first festival, with seven performances from the country included in the overall programme.

MEI - Iberoamerican Performing Arts Festival
Calle la Constitución, 3, El Sauzal
Tel.: 922 149 756