Why Tenerife

Tenerife Golf

1. The weather

The island's average annual temperature of 23 degrees Celsius is extraordinary and, of course, highly practical for a round. Players can enjoy a game in shorts and a polo shirt in summer. And in winter? The same of course!Springtime on the island runs from January to December!

2. The courses

Tenerife's courses have been designed by golfing greats over the ages. Donald Steel, Severiano Ballesteros and Dave Thomas infused each hole with the best of their experience and managed to make the most out of every valley and hillside.

3. Customer service

Guests are the lifeblood of the course, hotels... meaning staff who work there have been carefully trained to assist golfers with spot-on professionalism –- just as it should be.

4. Hotels

The efforts made to keep Tenerife a top holiday destination have certainly paid off and the island enjoys one of the most modern selections of 4- and 5-star hotels in Spain and Europe. In addition to this, many of these hotels are joined onto courses – a luxury for any golfer.

5. The pleasant atmosphere

Why do locals always seem to be in a good mood? 50% is in the genes and the other 50% could possibly be down to the climate. Smiling comes naturally to those who live on the island and playing golf helped by friendly staff makes it all the more fun and pleasant.

6. International airports

We wish maps told you how close the islands really area. Tenerife has two international airports with a connection time to Europe's main cities (there are flights to nearly 150 cities) of between two and four hours.

7. Services

You can hire clubs (or get them repaired if there is an incident), trolleys, transport to the course and anything else you may need for a full-service stay on Tenerife.

8. Safety at your destination

Tenerife is a Spanish region and thus a member of the European Union which ensures the highest safety standards: individual safety and healthcare at the same standard as any other place in Europe, alongside a mild, calm climate with no risks or unpleasant surprises.

9. Tenerife, a tourist destination

Since golf never takes up 100% of your time, you will be able to enjoy the rest of the island. From the local cuisine and Michelin-starred restaurants, to beaches, shopping centres, World Heritage Cities, the Teide or dolphin and whale spotting. Golf and Tenerife – what we could term 'the perfect match'.​