9 reasons why Tenerife is a top destination for Health Tourism

Tenerife Health Destination

  1. Tenerife allows visitors to combine a magnificent holiday enjoying its tourist delights with the opportunity to receive medical or surgical treatment in the safest hands.
  2. Its healthcare facilities are equipped with the very latest technological advancements to meet the most demanding medical and healthcare certification requirements as part of the EU.
  3. The Island has a vast network of highly qualified professionals with a wealth of experience acquired both in Spain and abroad.
  4. The treatments offered at Tenerife's healthcare centres and clinics are particularly appealing because of their significant financial advantages compared to most European and American countries, without compromising quality in the slightest.
  5. Patients can receive customised healthcare in eight different languages thanks to the work of professional interpreters.
  6. Package deals are also available, including transport, accommodation for patients and those travelling with them, before, during and after treatment.
  7. The Island can be reached easily and conveniently from roughly 150 destinations in Europe, America and Africa.
  8. With a privileged climate affording wonderfully warm temperatures all your round (23°C, which is 73°F), stunning scenery and wildlife, and an endless array of leisure options including relaxing spas, Tenerife is the perfect destination for treatment or operations.
  9. Tenerife has two university hospitals where students from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of La Laguna can gain experience and complete their training, which guarantees their academic prestige in the medical field.