Why Tenerife

Inspire your senses

1. Very close

Two convenient international airports, one in the north and one in the south of the island, very well located and with the best services.

You can be here in just two hours on a plane from mainland Spain, and in a little over four from the rest of the main European capitals.

2. Always at the perfect temperature

The temperature is more than a plus in Tenerife. It is always gentle and pleasant, with an annual average of 22 ºC and very little rain.

As there is a large variety of micro-climates on the island, sun is guaranteed in one place or another. Remember: it's always spring here.

3. Quality and Excellence

The hotels and leisure facilities and services are on a level with the best world destinations.

You won't find a better tourist infrastructure anywhere in Europe. You will see this on its eight golf courses too, all of which are very different and lots of fun, and in its entertainment and cultural calendar.

4. Very exclusive villas

The villas are a good option for enjoying your stay on the island in greater privacy. The supply is unbeatable. They are all decorated in exquisite taste and fitted out with all the little details.

Order the services of a butler or cook, an a la carte aromatherapy bath or cool down on your own in your private pool.

5. Unique experiences

Discover a thousand unique experiences.

Get to know really charming towns and country houses from the 16th century. Watch the stars in the company of an expert guide or sip the best cocktail while the sun goes down on the Teide.

Sail with whales and dolphins, fly over the island in a helicopter, walk along the volcanic trails… The possibilities are endless.

6. A 10 for shopping

Pedestrian streets and shopping centres stuffed with exclusive boutiques with the best labels so that you can find that bag, that watch, that perfume or those shoes that suit you so well.

Bring a personal shopper along with you and don't miss anything. Remember that the tax on shopping (IGIC) is lower here than in the rest of Europe.

7. The best wellness centres

Magnificent spa centres where you can relax with all kinds of treatments. Enjoy their outdoor facilities: bubbles, massages or a tonifying ice cave amongst gardens or by the sea.

Try volcanic rocks, seaweed, chocolate therapy and wine therapy, gold and very exclusive products. And one more tip: the island's fruits are delicious – pure flavour and vitamins.

8. Delicious dishes

The local gastronomy is simple and delicious. You will also find very select restaurants where chefs with international prestige offer their creations in unique premises. Many have Michelin stars, Repsol suns or have received excellent reviews in important gastronomy publications.

The island's wines, with their delicious volcanic character, will surprise you. Take part in a wine-tasting session in the vineyards. Wait till you taste the undertones.