Picarus Sailing Club

Picarus Sailing is a company specialising in boat trips for whale and dolphin watching and the viewing of seabirds in the waters of the Canary Islands. Those who work at Picarus Sailing Club are people who are passionate about their work, the sea and the natural environment.

Their aim is that the passengers should discover the adventurous soul they have within as well as the surprises the island has to offer. They have for years been sharing these fantastic boat trips and the viewing of whales and dolphins with holidaymakers and residents. They specialise in the comfort of the passenger, with the result that they take a maximum of eight on the trips, always accompanied by a skipper and a seaman who will look after them at all times. All the crew hold the qualification of the Spanish Merchant Navy and they are in possession of the corresponding professional qualifications as well as the necessary specialist and safety courses.

The crew are experts in and are concerned to safeguard the environment and the species living in the Islands. With their perseverance and passion, they have gained the "Blue Boat" flag (authorisation granted by the Regional Ministry of Tourism of the Canary Islands Government for whale watching boats). They also have the authorisation of the Ministry of the Environment for viewing cetaceans and have the charter of quality of the Tenerife Tourist Authority, which guarantees their technical and professional prowess, the quality of the service they give and maximum respect for the animals during the whale-watching activities.

They also offer a free pick-up service from all points in the south of the island.​

Rambla Dionisio González, 14 - Local A - Las Galletas 38260 ARONA