Palacio de Nava

A historic monument in Santa Cruz-La Laguna

Work on this palace-like building began in 1585 under orders by Tomás Grimón, the governor of Tenerife. The building is considered an unparalleled piece of Canarian architecture due to the hybrid style of its façade, which blends Mannerist, Baroque and Neoclassical features given that its construction and refurbishments took place over a long period of time until the last touch was added in 1776 by Tomás de Nava y Grimón y Porlier, the 5th Marquise of Villanueva del Prado.

This meant that it underwent a process of evolution and transformation under the artistic trends of the two centuries it took to complete its refurbishment and extensions.

The main stone body is reminiscent of the Palacio Salazar (now known as the Episcopal Palace) and was built around 1681 by the very same stonemasons.
In the times of the 5th Marquise of Villanueva del Prado, the building housed the well-known Tertulia de Nava, a nucleus of intellectuals who were highly influential during the Enlightenment. The centre of the frontispiece shows the coat of arms of the Marquises of Villanueva del Prado set in stone.

Other details
The cathedral is currently being renovated and cannot be visited.
Palacio de Nava
C/ de Nava y Grimón, 38201 San Cristóbal de La Laguna