Arafo is one of the most charming yet least known municipalities on the Island. Located on the southern hillsides of Tenerife, Arafo houses beautiful historic buildings and boasts an extraordinary talent for music. ​

The municipality of Arafo lies in the south of Tenerife and spans an area of 33.92 km2 (13.1 sq. miles). Its most significant assets are a wealth of cultural heritage and a deeply-rooted musical tradition thanks to its many bands and groups, leading it to be labelled "The Town of Music".

Arafo is also surrounded by beautiful countryside, which includes the Protected Landscape of Las Siete Lomas, the Añavigo Ravine or the Las Arenas Volcano. Adding to the area's charm are a great many gulleys and springs, in addition to its varied flora and fauna.

In architectural terms, this quiet town is home to significant buildings such as the Church of San Juan Degollado, the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, the old mill and the public washing place.

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There are a number of trails for exploring Arafo's old town. Most of its monuments and main buildings are in the town centre so it only takes about an hour and a half to discover it on foot. We recommend you set off from El Señor del Pino and climb up towards the Juan Carlos I auditorium and the town hall, then continue your tour around that area.

Trails in the municipality

Arafo's lovely trails attract plenty of hikers and people with a passion for the great outdoors. The footpath of “Canal de Las Saletas-Galería del Risco Azul”, covering 2.5 km (1.55 miles), takes you across the area's farmland on a trail that the pilgrims from the north of Tenerife used to take in August to visit the Virgin of La Candelaria. It is also interesting to see the old mining machinery in Galería del Risco Azul, which has been kept in pretty good condition. Near to the town of Arafo is another trail to suit all levels, which ends in an area known as “Lo de Ramos”, which reveals the value of the area's old religious buildings in terms of both historical significance and heritage. The Los Romeros Trail is for intermediate level hikers and covers the entire municipality, from the mountain to the coast, taking roughly six hours to walk it. It will lead you through a great diversity of landscapes full of scenic and historic wonders.

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