In Arico, the seaside towns of Tajao and El Porís are a great place for a swim or a leisurely meal enjoying beautifully cooked fresh fish, while the area's hillsides are home to hidden corners with fabulous elements of traditional Canarian architecture. ​

Arico is Tenerife's second largest municipality and is located in the south, between Fasnia and Granadilla de Abona. It is divided into two urban areas: Arico el Viejo and Arico el Nuevo. On the coast, the two most important towns are Tajao and El Porís, which are popular for their bathing areas and their restaurants specialising in fresh seafood.

These seaside restaurants are just one of the many appeals of Arico's gastronomy, which is well known for the quality of its wines and cheeses. Other extremely popular dishes include the local stew or the famous recipe for salted fish with chestnuts served in Arico el Viejo.

In terms of heritage, mention should be made of certain religious buildings such as the Church of San Juan Bautista (with a special 17th century Portuguese colonial-style tower), the Church of la Virgen de la Luz and the Chapel of San Bartolomé.

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You will find a trail that sets off from the El Contador recreational area, leading intermediate level hikers to explore the Tamadaya ravine and the upper part of Villa de Arico, ending in Arico el Viejo.Another, slightly easier, route goes from Plaza de los Condes de Santa María de Abona in Villa de Arico and leads to the hamlet of El Río, revealing old stone pathways that have survived the passage of time.

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