El Rosario


Just like so many other municipalities on the Island, El Rosario combines countryside and mountains with the sea and the beach (in the areas of Radazul and Tabaiba, which are seaside destinations). La Esperanza, where the town hall stands, is the last village visitors will come to on their way to Teide National Park from La Laguna. Those who choose to stop here will discover a village that is true to its roots and reflects Tenerife's most authentic and rural side.

The municipality of El Rosario is located in the east of Tenerife, on the south face of the mountain range that crosses the Island. With a surface area of 39.42 km2 (24.5 miles), El Rosario spans from the wetlands and forests of La Esperanza to the sunny coastal areas of Tabaiba and Radazul, which are sheltered from the wind. Its stretch of coast is 4.52 km (2.8 miles) long. El Rosario is surrounded by the municipalities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna, Tacoronte, La Matanza, El Sauzal and Candelaria. This is a great municipality for a quiet family holiday in a relaxed atmosphere, with the chance to enjoy the countryside and greenery on a variety of mountain trails, with several recreational areas. The area of La Esperanza, for instance, has a considerable expanse of pine trees, firetrees and tree heath. The recreational and camping area of Las Raíces can be found inside this forest and is a meeting point for tourists and locals wishing to spend some quality time in the countryside. Legend has it that it was named "La Esperanza" (meaning Hope) when the conquistadors reached its peaks and saw their camp by the coast in the distance on their return from the tough battle of La Matanza de Acentejo.

The coast of El Rosario includes the beaches of Varadero, a small pebbly beach with volcanic sand; Radazul, with its vast sunbathing area; and La Nea, with its lovely promenade with gardens and a refreshment stand-come-bar. Other popular bathing areas include Playa del Moro and Playa de Tabaiba. El Rosario also has a marina in Radazul where there are plenty of ocean sports going on, such as diving and water skiing.

El Rosario's historic heritage is dotted all around the municipality. Elements of traditional architecture can be found near to significant archaeological settlements. The threshing fields, canals and public fountains are what remains of the agricultural lifestyle that reigned in this area when the Spanish troops settled there.

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Trails in the municipality

Crossing El Rosario are several stretches of officially approved trails belonging to the Tenerife Trail Network. The long trail of Anaga - Chasna is one of them, setting off from the town of La Esperanza. The stretch that runs through El Rosario journeys along forest tracks with gentle slopes, making it a pleasant opportunity to enjoy the pine and laurel forest of El Adelantado. The trail of Las Raíces - Acentejo is suitable for people with reduced mobility and is also very close to the town. You will feel the humidity hanging in the air right from the very beginning – a clear sign that you are entering the dense vegetation of Las Raíces. The area of Las Raíces is also the starting point for a short circular trail.

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