El Sauzal


Half-way between Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz, El Sauzal is a quiet, quaint village affording exceptional views of Mount Teide and the ocean. Among its unmissable sites we should mention Casa de la Miel y el Vino (the Honey and Wine House), with some of the Island's most typical local produce, and the Sierva de Dios Museum House where the 400-year-old body of Sister Maria de Jesús, a Servant of God, still lies perfectly preserved. Thousands of devotees flock to see the body every year on 15 February at the convent in La Laguna, where it lay for a long time.

El Sauzal is a municipality in northern Tenerife, between Tacoronte and La Matanza. With views towards Mount Teide and the Atlantic ocean, this municipality has a rugged landscape with slopes of up to 30º, and its perimeter measures 24 km (15 mile) all the way round. It ranges from the coast, with staggering cliffs, up to an altitude of 1,507 m (4,945 ft) above sea level. The ravine of Las Mejías runs down the middle of the municipality, as does the TF-5 motorway, which divides it into the areas of El Ravelo in the hills and El Casco by the sea. The average annual temperature in El Sauzal is 20.5 ºC (69 ºF).

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One of the most recommendable routes to discover the historic and artistic heritage of El Sauzal is the trail of La Ladera. It starts at the Church of San Pedro Apóstol and carries on towards the Sierva de Dios Museum House and its gardens. The next stop is the Chapel of los Ángeles and the Park of Los Lavaderos, which is perfect for a break and an energy boost at the café.

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