Pedro González Park (La Vega Park)

La Vega is one of the most famous parks in La Laguna, a city that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. It is a popular weekend spot among the locals to spend the day under the shade of the trees, surrounded by exotic plants and with plenty of children's play areas and sports facilities.

Spanning over 22,000 square metres (roughly 5.4 acres), it houses a water garden with more than 80 species of plants and 20 types of lilies. If you peer over one of its bridges, you will discover a pond teeming with fish and turtles.

If you like rock climbing, there is a fully equipped climbing wall where you can practice and perfect your technique. There is also a skate park, basket ball courts, table tennis facilities, a BMX track and children's play areas.

Opening hours: Permanently open. All year round.
Entrance price: Free.

Pedro González Park (La Vega Park)
Concepción Salazar, 38201 San Cristóbal de La Laguna