Taoro Park

The park lies on the Taoro mountain, affording a breathtaking panoramic view of the city of Puerto de la Cruz. It comprises about 100,000 square metres (24.7 acres) of gardens, paths, lookout points, illuminated fountains and waterfalls. It also features a children's playground, a bandstand with a restaurant, a bar and a terrace area.

Taoro Park is divided into three main areas: La Atalaya (meaning The Watchtower), the Camino de La Sortija path and the Taoro Gardens. La Atalaya houses the Dulce Maria Loynaz lookout point. The area of La Sortija is very popular among people who like to exercise out of doors. Taoro Park also houses what used to be the Gran Hotel Taoro and the Anglican Church. The hotel opened in 1890 and was one of the Island's most important establishments at the time, accommodating such renowned guests as Agatha Christie.

Opening hours: Permanently open. All year round. Waterfalls and water gardens running every day from 6 pm.
Entrance price: Free.

Taoro Park
Altos del Taoro, s/n, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz. Accesos por la carretera del Botánico y por la de Las Arenas