Quesería Montesdeoca

Quesería Montesdeoca (Adeje) is a company which specialises in the production of handmade craft cheeses - mainly from goat's milk -, and other dairy products such as butter, yoghurt, almogrote and curds. The farm offers those interested the possibility of personally witnessing the care, feeding and milking of the livestock as well as the preparation of the products and, to bring the visit to an end, a tasting. Quesería Montesdeoca has won a total of some forty international prizes and twenty-one island prizes, foremost among which are those granted in the years 2014, 2018 and 2019 for winning first prize in the Tenerife Island Cheese Competition.


- A guided tour of the facilities: farm, preparation of dairy products and tasting room.

- Gastronomic tasting

- Sale of dairy products

Km 44, TF-82, Tijoco Bajo - Adeje 38677 ADEJE