Campeches, Tigaiga and Ruíz

Protected Landscape

A landscape of exceptional value that wonderfully represents the geological processes that have shaped this part of the Island. Both in Icod el Alto and in Los Campeches you will see crops growing and farm houses dotted all over the land. There are still populations of laurel and thermophilic forests. Palm trees, tarajales and buglosses are just some of the species you will find on your visit. The most significant animal species are the Tenerife lizard, a jet black saurian, and Scopoli's shearwaters that roost on the cliffs and islets to build there nests far from the reach of predators.

Municipalities: Los Realejos and San Juan de la Rambla.

Expanse: 691.2 hectares (1,708 acres).

How to get there:

You can come on the C-820 (an extension of the TF-5 north motorway), the TF-221 that links La Orotava to La Guancha, and the TF-2218 that crosses the highest points.