Charco Los Chochos

You cannot miss this magical spot in the municipality of Los Silos. Volcanic eruptions have given rise to unusual shapes, creating a lovely salt water pool for you to have a swim and indulge in this special setting.

The Los Chochos pool, located near Charco de La Araña is up to 2 m (6.5 ft) deep and can be accessed by a set of stone steps fitted with a handrail.

It is great for children and is open for swimming all year round, provided the ocean conditions are suitable. From the pool you can look across at the cliffs of La Culata and as far as Mount Teide on clear days.

The name "Los Chochos" refers to a type of legume because the area's peasants used to leave their lupin beans in the salty water to soak in order to wash away their characteristically bitter taste.

Charco Los Chochos
Carretera El Puertito, 43-39, 38479 Los Silos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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